Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Apr. 25, 2016

Hey mommmma!!!!

Yessss transfers came... Hahaha I have to admit that I am pretty sad that sister Brown will be leaving me!!!! BUT I will just be looking forward to September!!!! Hahah thats the only thing that will get me through :) I am not dying though, honestly I really didn't want to leave the area for my last transfer because I thought it would be easier to get trunky since I would know that I would be leaving after that 6 weeks so it would have been hard to make connections/relationships with the people there. So I am excited!! I will be getting Hermana Dominguez as my next compa!!! She goes home in August. She is awesoooome. I am super excited to have her... if things had to change thats exactly who I wanted to have come be with me!!!!!! Soooo pretty much the Lord loves me!!!! I seriously have been so so soooooo blessed with every single companion I have had!!! 

Monday we hung out with our Zone and the IF Zone and attempted to play glow in the dark volley ball.. but when that failed we went outside and threw water balloons at each other!! We also got to see Yessica that night and she is just awesome.. She is so sweet and soo funny! She told us that her and her sister would be at church so we were super excited!!!

Tuesday we saw Ernestina again!!! She is doing fantastic and keeping her commitments!! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she ate up the Atonement. She loved learning more about what Christ really did for us and there was a lot of new info for her! We also got to finally contact Carlos (referral from the 17th branch Elders)... OH MY GOSH. He is another miracle!!! First of all we knock on the door and his rather large uncle answers the door with no shirt on. He told us Carlos was across the street with his cousin, so we went and said hi before going inside for the lesson. We taught the first part of the Restoration but really focused on knowing who our Heavenly Father is to us. Then we showed him the video "The Hope of Gods Light". He was awesome and had so many questions. While we were finishing up his 18 yr old cousin kind of joined in and we invited him to our next appointment!!

Wednesday was a lot of knocking on doors that didn't open... buuuut it was gorgeous out and so it was Heavenly Fathers blessing for us. We got a call from Vargas at the VC telling us that Moose (nick) and Pollard (Joseph) were on there way to IF and they were going to stop in at the VC!! (they were with us in the CCM in Mexico but they both came home early from their missions for different reasons). We stopped in to see them and it was sooo crazy! Major flash backs to the CCM but it was so so good to see them again! We tried contacting some referrals with the Ucon sisters with no luck before heading to Shelley to exchange with the Blackfoot sisters...... oh yeah,  and this was the glorious day when we found out that Brown was training.. it was a little rough hahah but it was good! We just tried to follow Presidents slogan "Deal with It!"... thats what he says when crazy stuff happens on his farm back home. hahaha he is the best!

Thursday I was in Blackfoot with sister Ruepena (she is also going to be training). We had a bit of a miracle moment meeting 17 yr old Ruben. He was kind of stand offish at first, but I kept asking questions and then he opened up a lot! Hopefully the sisters can keep up with him!! That night we got in to Shelley a little early and so we stopped in at my faves.. The Dyes (bishop of the 8th ward there.... pretty much the closest you can get to the 1st ward in corvallis). He was out mowing his lawn and practically ran over to the car as we were getting out. "SISTER COLE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT YOU THE OTHER DAY!!!!!" Hahah it was soooooo good to see them. :) IDAHO PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!! (next to Oregonians) 

Friday.... lots of random stuff... us being way A.D.D.  with weekly planning and no doors answered...

Saturday.... Freaking out all morning for calls.. getting calls... still freaking out... finish weekly planning... seeing the funniest family on the planet and having a bomb lesson about receiving answers to prayers!!! It was with a less active family that we met, the Barrientos

Sunday.. church!!!!! Yessica and her sister came!!! We got to have dinner with Martha and then we had a fireside at the VC! It was a musical/testimony fireside... so all the missionaries were either doing a musical number or bearing their testimonies. It was awesome. TOOONS of people came!! Herms B played the piano and I got to bear my testimony!! We also saw the Hunts :) LOVE THEM!!!

Anyways it was kind of a random crazy week... but here we go!! About to kick off my last transfer!!! Cant wait to keep working hard!!!! 


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