Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Apr.18, 2016


This week was a full one thats for sure! We haven't seen Lupe again yet, but we are hoping to see her this week!! So we get transfer calls this Saturday and then actual transfers will be on the 27th (the following Wednesday). You could just send the package to the mission office and then on transfers they will bring it up! We did get our nails done!! :) It was so relaxing... we loooove them!!!

Okay soo oh my gosh.. MY DREAMS CAME TRUE!!! Hahah Monday we had the beeeest pday activity ever. When we were on exchanges the week before and she ate with this family who owns a place called bumper ball mania... yesss... it is where you get inside giant balls and run into each other. It was SOOOO FUN!! Hahah I almost pee'd myself laughing. It was fantastic. 

That night we found someone new!!! His name is Jesus and he has 3 of the cutest kids I have ever seen in my liiiife. They are Catholic, buut he is open to having us come and visit!! We are hoping to see him tonight!!

Tuesday was a little bit slower but we did a lot of contacting referrals!! We went to go see the Avila family (out in the middle of nowhere). We pulled up and they were all outside running around. The mom told us to come around back. There are two and a half families living in two trailers on ten acres along with chickens, dogs (heelers), cats, cows, goats, sheep, and a horse. They were super friendly and since we didn't have too much time we asked if it would be okay if we came back on Saturday to help them out around their farm. They accepted graciously!! We were suuuuper excited because we have been praying and praying for more service opportunities.

 We had our english class that night as well.... only 3 people came buuuut it was awesome and those who did come were sooo grateful for the help!

Wednesday we had the chance to teach a mission prep class at 7:00 in the morning! We were asked to help them learn how to teach the Plan of Salvation. It was crazy to see how much these seniors already know and understand about missionary work! It was such a cool experience.
That same evening we had kind of a miracle. We were following our plans and we were headed to our back up at 8:00. We pulled up and there were toooons of cars outside this less actives house. We thought "typical huge Hispanic party", maybe we should just try another time. But, we then thought "You know what, this was our plan and whats the worst that can happen, them telling us they are busy and to come back another time?" We went and knocked the door and I immediately saw a member of our Branch sitting in on the couch. They let us in and we saw another member from the Stake! They asked, "oh sisters, so do you know whats going on here?" 
Not knowing a thing we said, "No! We just came by to visit the Gaitans!" 
Apparently Sister Gaitans brother had passed away. Her mom was their and her brothers wife and allll the rest of the family. The mother was worried about what was going to happen to her son and they were debating what they were going to do with his body. Half of them wanted him to be cremated and half didn't because they were worried he wouldn't be able to be resurrected. We were able to apply everything from that morning when we taught the Plan of Salvation, to that visit. We helped them understand that God's power is able to supersede what happens to us in mortality and that we will all be perfected through resurrection. It was an incredible experience and it was amazing to be able to see how even though we were all from different religions, we all could find common ground through Jesus Christ. On of Sister Gaitans other brothers said a prayer before we left and he started out with, "Dear God, only you know why you sent your followers here to be with us tonight. Thank you." The spirit that was there was so strong.

Thursday we struggled through weekly planning hahah and then we got to see Yessica!!! She is so awesome. She is in between jobs buuut this new one really wont have her working on Sundays so she will be able to come to church with her sister!! Then we went to the VC with the Castros!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We watched Meet the Mormons and by the end of it herms Castro was bawling. It was EXACTLY what we have been needing with her. She opened up a lot and testified of missionary work and how it truly does save people and families. YAAAAY!!! That night we met in Blackfoot to exchange with Fermoso and Ganger :)

Friday Fermoso was with me and she got suuper sick.. like throwing up sick... soo we had to check in at about 3 :/ I felt so bad for her... she is doing better now though!!

Saturday was an early start! We were out helping the Avilas clean out their goat and calf pens at 8:00!!! We got to go on a four wheeler ride out to the edge of their property to dumb it all... hahah Brown and I just sat in between the trailer and the four wheeler all the way out there.

It was so much fun and it reminded me of the orchard so much.... minus the baby cows sucking on our fingers.. but we did have little heeler puppies running along with us!! (And they both had their tails dad ;) 

That night we met the sweetest less active man, Cecilio. He is 67 and he just wants to follow Christ, but he feels guilty about things that have happened in the past. He told us he wants to meet with the Branch President. though!! We are hoping to start visiting him regularly :)

Saturday Yessica and her sister came to church!!!! We were so excited. We also got a call from the Mezas wondering where we were because they had made Carne Asada and bought mexi cokes :) Hahah we looove them!!!!!!

Anywaaaays that was my week!!!!! 
Hugs and kisses!!! 

Talk to you soon!!


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