Monday, December 7, 2015

Nov. 30, 2015

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!!!

Hola mi familia!!!!!!!! It sounds like you all were busy busy busy too!!!! I love and miss you all so much!!!... The Holidays kinda stink like that. Everyone else wants to be with their families (weird right) and we just kinda chill with our missionary family!! But I was totally missing the spinach dip/ punch and family time!!! Its okay though because we got invited over to lots of peoples places :) 

Ahhh yes our week went soooo quick with all of the things we were doing!!! Monday was a Monday, but that night we started our exchanges. I went to Ammon foothills area to be with Sister Stephens. Her and her comp are whitewashing so it was a lot of contacting referrals and meeting with bishops, but it was still good! Sister Honeycutt had Sister Hoffman with her and they were able to have a couple of really good lessons in our area so that was great. Right before we exchanged back we met a family (borderline out in the boonies) who had a dog who had just had puppies!! They were the cutest things everrrrrrr!! Turns out the dad is a member (LA) and the wife wasn't. We were able to share a quick message with them and they told us that they were totally open to having missionaries stop by! AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday was a pretty normal day for us too. We had our second lesson with Victoria (a German exchange student) and we taught the restoration. It went super well and we invited them to come to the VC with us Sunday (yesterday) to watch the restoration movie. (it ended up going super great!!!). 

Thursday.. Gobblers day!!!!! We got up at 6... there was probably a good 4-6 inches of snow on the ground... and we headed out by 7:30 to go to the Turkey trot 5k race! We weren't running it, but three zones of missionaries were working it!!! It was freeeeeezing cold!!!!! We had tons of fun though and I got to see Vargas there!! 

We left by 10:30... went home.. showered.. got ready and headed out by 12:30 for our first lunch!! We were with the Curtis's and their huge family (very Hale like). It was awesome. They totally had a Lydia there who decorated the place and made it look absolutely adorable. At 2:30 we headed over to the Hunts :) THEY ARE THE BEEST!!!! I love them!!! Hahah we had so much fun with them and we do every time we see them. They are seriously family.... plus Bro Hunt calls me Charlie Boone on a regular basis hahahah. We ate and played games and then headed to the Petits house (don't really know them) and had the most amazing pie!

Friday we had MLC! It was still super snowy so we left extra early to get over there. MLC was good.... loooots of changes are being made, including no more "no caffeine" rule!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyyy Mexi Cokes here we come!!!!!!!!!!! We were there till 4 and then our day was back to normal! 

Saturday was extra slow... lots of people still gone for the Holidays..

and Sunday was about the same.. Hopefully things will be back to normal!!! .... Though Sister Honeycutt was up all night throwing up soooooo pray that I dont get whatever she's got!!!!!!! Ew..

Anyways that was my weeek!!!!!!!!! Love love love you all and thank you for the pictures!!!!! 

We have Zone Conference coming up on the 3rd this week so that will be lots of fun. We are going to have a Christmas slide show and Talent show!!!! So excited!!!!!

Hugs and kisses!!!


PS here are the new Christmas videos they put out if you havent seen them!!

I still like last years a little better though I think ...

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