Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 7, 2015

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!!! We really did have a super fun week :) 

Tuesday: Pretty normal...

Wednesday: We had a normal morning, but then we headed over to the Idaho Falls North Stake Center to get things prepped for our little talent hahah :) We got there and got the whole table set up and we were about to get dressed when some people came in asking about a funeral that was supposed to be there. Found out that there was supposed to be 100 people coming to eat after their funeral service and no one had set up anything.... so we helped them get all ready and thennn we headed over to another Stake Center to practice. We got through once when our ZLs walked in... they ended up filming a part of it so we could make sure it looked good and everything. After all thaaat we did some service at the Hunts :) The Christmas tree!!!

Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE/THE YEAR MARK!!! Zone Conference was awesome :) We had the usual amazing training's and then we had the Christmas part of it! Sister Hancock had some fun activities that we did before we watched a slideshow of the year and THEEEEEEN... we had the talent show :) Soooo yep we decided to do it!! Ahhh I was sweatin the whole week long! Hahaha "Sister Honeycole"  did a skit on the morning schedule. We went through working out, getting ready (makeup) and eating a healthy breakfast. We had tons of fun with it... there was only one hang up... when we ate the yogurt... it kind of exploded everywhere when Honeycutt opened it :) It was glorious!!! Hahah everyone including myself was dying. We had fun with it for sure! We have a video (thanks to herms Vargas) that I will try to get home to you all!!! :) 

That night only one person let us in, but it was a PMF that we had been trying to see for a while now.  We got to talking with them and ended up setting a Baptismal date with their son David right there and then. We brought up baptism and he about jumped out of his chair!! He pretty much set his own date for January 9th :) Send lots of prayers his way!!!! We are super excited for him!!!

Friday was lots of weekly planning and then we had exchanges that night. I went with Sister Park to her area (slept like zero that night because it was freeeezing!!)

Saturday: Pretended not to be tired as we went to a baptism that morning and then onto some appointments they had. It ended up being a really good day! We saw tons of people and it was fun to get to know some of their investigators! 

Sunday: Three sacrament meetings, one gospel principals class, the Christmas devotional with members (and the best hot chocolate I have ever had with peppermint whipped cream!!!) annnnnd then meet the Mormons with a less active family!!! Lots of work work work!!! 

:) This week we do get transfer calls :p Friday.... prraaaaaay that Honeycutt and I stay together!!!!  We are super super hoping we get one more transfer. President sat with us for lunch at ZC and I told him that we had counseled together and we had received some revelation about what should happen with us (hahah) but your extra prayers wouldn't hurt!!  Okay I love love loooooooove you my Cole family!!!!!! Cant wait to see all of your faces soon!!!!!!! Huuuggss!

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