Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov. 23, 2015

Hello hello hello!!!

I am feeling much better!!! I still have a little bit of the sniffles. I feel completely fine, its just annoying. 

Ammon/Iona is awesome!! I love it :)  It has already started to snow. It actually started Thursday! Its gettin chilly!!!! Sister Hunting is so funny :) I will try and get a picture with her soon!!

Yes, two baptisms!! The kids are still doing great! :) Cody just got ordained as a Deacon Sunday! The Grandparents are having to move though so they may not be in our area in the next couple weeks, but we are going to help them move and everything so that will be awesome!!

JESUS's BAPTISM WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! He was so nervous for it, but he did amazing!! He asked Cameron Christensen (the Ward Mission Leader of the YSA that I served in when I first got here) to Baptize him!!! It was so awesome!!! I got to play a musical number during it too so that was pretty cool... I was shaking... but it ended up going great! 

After the Baptism Sister McLaughlin called (since she is out of town with her daughter who just had a baby) to say congratulations and see how he was doing :) She is the best. Sister James and Cerda-Garcia had made some brownies and pretty much everyone had left by the time we were eating them so we had lots for ourselves. While we were eating Jesus said, "Um, is it okay if I say some words right now or something?.... I just wanted to thank all of you for what you have done for me, especially when I didn't care. It took me a while, but you all put so much time and effort into me that I don't think I would have been willing to give. Especially Sister Cole since you were there form the beginning. You and Sister Wilemon would even do lessons out in the cold and now it has changed my life. I'm just really grateful for the better path you have helped me to get on."  Oh my gosh - I about cried. That is EXACTLY WHY I AM HERE. I have no doubt that Jesus is the reason I came to the Idaho Pocatello  mission. It was a year in the making,  but now he is completely changed!! I learned sooo much from being apart of his journey and I am sooo beyond grateful for it. 

Thanksgiving is going to be BOMB!! I am so excited!! So, pretty much my new favorite family is the Hunts. Seriously, they are like my family. They are soooo funny and so chill and they are just a crack up... kinda like the Hale fam condensed. LOVE THEM!!!! We are going to party hop a little bit because there are two other families who invited us to come over besides the Hunts... sooo pretty much from 1-6 we will be going between families. From 7-1 we will be working a Thanksgiving race and then finding other service to do and then from 6-9 we will be with our Zone at one of the church buildings. SO EXCITED!!!!

This week seemed really full! Lots of finding and contacting referrals, Baptisms, we sang at a fireside last night, and Tuesday night we got a call form the AP's letting us know that someone from Salt Lake was coming to do a mission tour and that we needed to be at the IFN Stake Center Thursday at 8:45. So that was unexpected!! We didn't get out until 4:00,  but it was the most amazing meeting I have ever been to. We learned SOOOOOOO much about teaching skills. Oh my goodness,  I wish they had given us this training at the beginning of my mission. It was all about teaching in a way that allows the investigator to teach themselves as well as helping them to feel as comfortable as they can.... A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!! 

Other than that things were pretty normal! We have exchanges tomorrow, Thanksgiving and then MLC on Friday,  so this week should be pretty busy too!!! Yay!!!

KIIINDA freaking out because in a week and a half I hit my year mark... unreal..


Love you!

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