Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015...Ammon Idaho!

From Charlie Cole November 16, 2015

Helllo hello!!!! 

Sister Honeycutt is amazing BTW's... seriously... I am lucking out with my companions. She is so stinkin funny and so sweet and a FANTASTIC missionary! I have already learned tons from her!! She was comps with sister Duncan before I came and she is awesome!  We live with the spunkiest old lady, Sister Hunting. Oh my gosh... I feel like she is a part of the Hale fam. She is such a spitfire! Always cracking a joke and always has something to say about something!!! Love it!!!

Yes,  I did get takin' out of yet another area before a baptism,  but we had two Baptisms on Saturday!! First time I have ever come into an area and had that happen!!! It was for two kids, Cody and Cherish. They are living with their grandparents, and they are just the sweetest.. toooons of energy which was a little hard for me to handle with me being sick (I caught Hermana James's cold and I have been a zombie all week. Soar throat to stuffed nose, headache, aches, cough.... the works). But it went perfectly and both their mom and Dad ended up coming to the Baptism which was so good!!! 

Jesus is doing awesome as far as I have heard and he is still on for this Saturday!!!!!!

Have to admit I totally bombed my ponderize scrip for this week. When we weren't out I was sleeping... I have never slept that much ever!!! You know how I don't sleep unless I am sick.... I was out cold whenever I had the chance!!!

I will do better next week!!!!!


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