Monday, October 5, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015...Hello Jackson!

Hey mom!! 
First, We are at the library here and we got a time limit so this is gonna be quick!!!

Okay sooo Jackson.... IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! It is seriously the most gorgeous place I have ever seen.. let along live in!!!! Ah!!! We are literally in a whole.... surrounded by mountains. Its so dang cool!!! Its super touristy though so everything is dang expensive. 

The wards are great. We have some incredible members who are already helping us out loads. We don't have a Spanish Branch, but a group, that meets in our 2nd ward. (We are the only missionaries here in Jackson so we are covering EVERYTHING). We have some awesome Hispanic members who have just been setting up appointments for us with their friends; its pretty much like every missionaries dream. 

The first night (transfer day) the APs gave us the wrong set of keys, so we were stuck in Driggs (45 min from Jackson and another 30 min from Rex burg) waiting to get them. Our car was in Jackson so we were with members. We didn't end up getting to our apartment till 9:00. Our apartment is sweeeeeet though!!  Since we are whitewashing we have nothing to go off of, plus they gave us a wiped phone with no numbers and our Area book is not updated on people (Investigators/RC) soooo we are really starting from scratch!!! 

The first night we went out I had my first encounter with an English speaking person who didn't know anything about the church or Mormons and didn't really have any knowledge of Jesus Christ either............... I didn't even know what to do!!! Hahahahah!!! I have already learned so much here and I am so so soooo grateful for this area already!! Sister Tyler's Spanish is about where mine is at so my Spanish has really been taking off!! I am understanding so much more and I am really speaking!! (I don't really have any other choice soooo... that probs has something to do with it!). 

Any way it has been awesome. We already had two people come to church and a tooon of new people pop up from members in the ward!!!----- Also I found the next Cibellis pizza... Pinky G's pizza.... ITS THE BEEEST!!!!! 

Ah! Okay I love love love you all! Ask questions, cuz it helps!... Even if I dont answer them all... hahahha :)

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