Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct. 5, 2015

 (The first part of Charlie's email this week had responses to the questions I had asked so I did not include it in this post.  Here is where she left off...)


....We went to the church to watch conference... all alone... until Sunday there were like 3 other people. UHMM WAS CONFERENCE BOMB OR WHAT?!?! K so I am totally doing the whole Ponderize thing!!!! Sounds fantastic!!!!! My scripture this week is 1 Peter 3:15. 

Some fave quotes :
"We dont need to be more of anything to start becoming who  Heavenly Father wants us to be" - Uchtdorf
"It will all work out"- Neil E Marriott
 "We will have to go beyond the grave to reach perfection, but it is here that we have to lay the foundation"- Larry R. Lawrence
 "I didnt raise my children on money, I raised them on faith"/"If you want counsel you have to be prepared to take it"- Robert D Hales
"Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same eye, for one will dispel the other"- President Monson
"Exaltation is our goal, Discipleship is our journey"- Uchtdorf, 

This week just went way super fast with Conference and Zone training! We are about 45 min from the closest missionaries (our district leader) and about 1:45 from Rexburg. So that was a fun drive on Friday :) We got some super good Huckleberry shakes in Victor (... Dad :) ). 

Fun fact: We are having interviews this week (tomorrow for us) and President changed how he is doing them. Instead of having all the missionaries in the surrounding area meet up at a church and have like 5 min interviews, he is coming to our individual areas and having a 15 minute interview!! ANNND apparently with us, he is taking us out for dinner!!!! AHHH!!! Yeah.. already sweating over that one!!!!........ Fast and pray for me hahahah :) JK

There is not tons of work here yet. All of our lessons have been in Spanish because of one Spanish member who is amazing and just sets up appointments with us. Right now we are trying to focus on getting the members excited to do missionary work. President wants us to do away with tracting completely and be all in, hands on, working together with the members. Here there are not many who are missionary minded, but there are a few (like Jose) who are, and obviously it works because we have met like 7 new people in the last week! There is one investigator, Jose Acoltzi who is soooo close. He knows everything about the church is true, but he wants a "big" answer. Pray for him :) He just needs that little push to see he has already gotten it :) Other than that, its kind of limbo with everyone else and too early to tell, but we are loving it!! THERE ARE people prepared (Matthew 9:37) and we are just pushing through all of those who push at us! :) 10:14. We just have to keep turning our will to Him and go forth no matter what and He was lead us to those people and guide us in what to say!! Matthew 10:16, 20. 

I love you all!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!! <3 <3 
Come what may and love it :)

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