Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sept. 23, 2015...Time for a change...

HEY MOMMA!!!!!!! :) 

OH MY GOSH I AM GOING TO JACKSON!!!! AHHH!!! WHAT?!?..... Okay... yeah... I am excited but freaking out at the same time!!! My companion will be Sister Tyler. (Related to the Swensens somehow?!)  Oh my goodness its going to be so different! We are whitewashing too. 

Okay, sorry a head of time because we have tons, tons, tons to get done, so I am going to be kind of short. We got out late this morning too because we had an inspection and they came 30 minutes late and it  took like an hour to tell us that we were totally golden... haaa! Love it! 

So, this week really has been crazy!! It feels like it has been foreeeever and its all a blur at the same time. We got calls Thursday at like 5:30 and we were shocked. We kind of thought that I would be leaving since it has been about 5 months, but we were blown away when Ferms got transferred too!! She is going to Pokey with Hermana Brown!!! :) Seriously she is amazing...she is like  Vargas! 
(Herabl Life People!)

The rest, besides Spud Day, is all mixed up, hahah. We had a blast during Spud Day and soooo many people were taking our pictures and wanting to send you stuff - I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I will send more picks of our race too.
 Last night we did a late burning of skirts for our 9 and 8 months! We did it at our ward mission leaders house.(BTW, their kids looooooove missionaries to no end - they are the cuuuutest and we had so much fun!!! )
We had a blast at the football game too :) One of our investigators is a cheerleader so it was fun to see her!! :) We got ourselves some potato pride too!! (There are pics :) 

Okay I am so sorry I am all over the place!!! Ask any more questions that I missed or you need to!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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