Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sept. 20, 2015... Spud Day in Shelley, Idaho!

Note from Dawn:
One of the blessings of Charlie serving in Idaho is that those Idahoans really know how to take care of their missionaries!  I am so grateful for the thoughtful picture texts we receive from families who are "Feeding the Missionaries" or who take the time to snap a pic and send it to us so we can see how she is doing.  It truly brings this momma so much comfort and peace to know that she is around people who love her! 

The following pictures were sent to us this week-end from some people who ran into Hermanas Cole and Fermosa at the Shelley Spud Days. It looks like it was a week-end full of fun and love!  (Two of the mommas shared with us that Charlie told them that she will be transferred to a different area next week...I'm sure the next few days will be filled with excitement and tears as she says good-bye to the sweet people of Shelley and Firth!)

The Color Run:

Kelly Stenquist and family from Idaho Falls down for Spud Days:

Barbara Moulton from Shelley:

(Elder) Scotty Sincere (formerly their Zone Leader, released 6 weeks ago) back for the Spud Days:

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