Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015

Things are going good in Shelly Idaho :) The work is slow, but it is picking up little by little!! 

Tara is doing great!! She texted us this morning saying that she will be done smoking by next Sunday!!! Woot!!! She doesn't have her son back yet.. doesn't look like she will be able to change that till December :/

We aren't seeing Vicente anymore :( and Adriana is doing alright! She is still pretty overwhelmed and hurting, but she is doing okay. 

We have picked up a couple new people!!...

 The Ortiz family: They are an older couple and their youngest is a Senior in High School. They are seriously the FUNNIEST people ever. The are (in G Coles words) A kick in the pants!

 Also Tonya and her daughter Emily: Tonya is married but her husband doesn't want to meet with us. Tonya and Emily are suuuper interested though!! They had met with the sisters before and then got Elders annd her husband was extra uncomfortable with that so we got permission to teach them!! We start on Thursday!!!!

 BRAYDEN AND KYLIE!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness they are our little miracles!! They are 11 and 9 and their mom is less active (baptized in 2011). They apparently had been taught in Blackfoot but then moved and never got back in touch with missionaries. We went over on Tuesday to invite them to a baptismal service the Elders were having and when we invited them to come they said "YES YES YES!!!!! We want to be Baptized!!!" Hahah we about died, and  then we explained it wasn't for them and they were all, "WHY?? Why cant we be baptized??".   Soooo yeah,  we have started teaching them and their mom says that as long as they know it for themselves they can be baptized!!!! AHHHHH!!!! We are so excited for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Those are our mains mains right now. We have a couple other really solid people buut parents have problems with the church so they are on stand by until they turn 18. 

Monday was way fun since we got to go to the fair!!! It was craaay. It was their State fair so there were people everywhere shoulder to shoulder. We met up with the Markhams for a bit, got some curly fries, watched some Elders (the super young 16 year old looking one) ride the bull, annnnd then I had to go see the Horses ^.^ Shocker I know!

 Yesterday we taught all of the youth in our 8th ward! They are doing a missionary night next week for Mutual. They get fake calls and then they get companions and for mutual they go to someones house, eat dinner and teach one of the 5 lessons!! They asked us to teach them how to teach (haha) and we thought maybe we were doing a 10 minute thing and then they just turned the time over to us.... for 45 minutes!!! Ahhh!!! We just winged it and we had our Bishop do a practice with us. (Practice is my word for Role Play...... I can't
 say those words...). Anyway it ended up being super super good!!! Man those kids really have it down. Quoting PMG and everything!! I didnt even know what that was until I got my mission call!!! 

Anyway sorry its not much this week!! I love and miss you all so so much!!! Good luck with school mis hermanos!!! Les Amo!!!!!!

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