Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sept. 7, 2015

Okay,  yesss, we had lots and loots of meetings this week. First was the Elder Martino conference (which you heard about) and then we had zone training on Thursday. It was good! President had his MLC meeting with all the the Zone Leaders and STL's in the mission and they came up with some changes, big changes. Everyone in the mission is meeting with their Bishops and getting some information on their goals and reporting back to him on all the numbers. Apparently it is going to be very telling on his placement of missionaries and for areas, not for this transfer but for the next. Its going to be interesting!!!!!! I am actually super excited about it because it really does help align the keys that President has with the keys that our Bishops have and it is just going to bridge that gap and bring looooots more unity. It is going to bring lots more success for sure.

It is getting cold here too!!! There is just that crisp air that hits you when you walk outside; it reminds me of fall and halloween hahah :) LOVE!! But its not time for it to be cold yet - we need just a little bit more of the warm haha.  It is so weird to think you aren't in school yet since everyone here has started 2 and 3 weeks ago! 

Speaking of, Thursday after our Zone Training we were able to make it to the Firth Seminary for their missionary day!! They had a bunch of return missionaries and a few who have calls and they were hoping to have missionaries from the area come, but with our Zone Training, not many could. We were the only ones who went right after we got out of Training and we go to be there for the last two classes. They just had kind of like a panel and the students got to ask us questions and things! It was super fun. (OH! Dad! There is an Elder who just got back from Leeds England!! He asked me what areas you served in annnd obviously I have no idea so here is me asking! )

The favorite question to ask was "What is the worst thing you have eaten?" and I totally forgot about this thing that happened when I was serving with Vargas!!! I don't think I have told you!! Okay soo...(and this is one that I shared.  It  wasn't gross because of what it was,  buuuut it was still gross). We had just finished dinner at this families house from our Spanish branch and the Husband held out a bowl of candy and I took one. We were all just chatting and I was unwrapping my candy not thinking about it. THEN I looked down and I tried so hard not to make a face when I saw there was a bite taken out of my piece!!!! AHHH!!! I didn't know what to do because they were talking to me and watching me soooooo like I couldn't wrap it back up!!!! And I didn't want to offend them or embarrass anyone.... so.... I ate it.... I ATE THE HALF EATEN PIECE OF CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WASNT EVEN GOOD CHOCOLATE!!!!!...... :( It was worse than the ones you get in the advent calendars........... It was gross.... Anyway that was my story... My stomach just felt weird all night after that.

The kittens are doing great annnnd I don't know how Brother Shumway feels about it hahahah...he just gave us the evil eye up on the stand Sunday. But then I went and bore my testimony sooo the forgiveness is coming I think. 

OH!!! ADRIANA HAD HER BABIES!!!!!!!!!!! She had them on the 2nd so we went up to see her Friday night and Saturday morning! They both were a good size and all is well!!! Luna and Kevin are their names :) SO CUTE!!!!! Adriana is still super sore and she didn't really have any support from her Dad or Sister while she was in the Hospital so she was kind of stressing out. We ended up getting a call from a social worker about how she a was doing and how they were a little concerned. The branch stepped up though and they have meals coming in and visits to help her out with the twins. So its going good!!!

Well love you all!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!! Have fun at the BBQ!! Send loves to my T-fam. <3 


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