Friday, August 7, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015

Okay so this week was a full one! I will do my best at making sense and covering everything!

Tuesday we went to the Temple and it was awesome!! Sister McLaughlin took us and we ate this super good burger place afterwards right on campus. After we got home I started feeling super gross and so we took a quick power nap and headed out! We had to go see Vicente because it was our last day of our "experiment" with him. We got there and he was super excited to see us and we right away went to sit down and the first thing that he told us was that the Doctors told him he could get a transplant in 3-6 months!!!!! (Before it was like 4 years... and he told us he would probably be dead by then so he didn't even see the point). He said, "Hermanas! Your faith has helped me and I have been thinking a lot about hope... I don't want to get to excited and just be disappointed, because I have had too much disappointment in my life, but if this all starts to work out, I will go to the Mormon church every Sunday!"  AHHHH IT WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Anyway, so that was the first miracle and then we met a new person right after we saw Vicente! We were walkin down the street (on top of the world) and then there were all of these little hispanic kids running around outside and they all started saying "Hola!! Holaaaa!! HOOOLA!!!" to us so we went over and were talking to all of them and then their dad came home and we got to talking with him about religion.  He kinda started asking us all these questions, but in a way where he wanted to slip us up, so then we just started bearing testimony which he couldn't shoot down, so he invited us back for Sunday!!! (He wasn't home when we went though which was lame but we will get him next time!!!). 

Wednesday we met an Indian man!!! It was super cool, he was cooking something that smelled awesomeeee. He told us to come back either Saturday or Sunday. We saw him last night and got to talking with him and his wife and they are soooooo stinkin funny!!!!!! He was absolutely hilarious and his wife was this little Asian woman who was cracking us up too!! They were super sweet to us and we talked with them about the BOM and about Jesus Christ and they said they weren't too interested, but at the end they were inviting us back without us even asking!! We are super excited about them and we feel like their hearts are already super open!!

Thursday we went to go see Iesha (we were on bikes too BTW's... we ran out of miles for the last two days... While we were biking over there I was thinking about her and how if her parents just accepted the church she would be baptized in a second, and then I remembered that she and her husband smoke, so I realized it would be a little longer process). When we got there she welcomed us in and the first thing she says, "Well, my husband and I quit smoking." WHAT?!?!? I about peed myself right there on her couch. She said she has been smoking for 13 years and it has been almost two weeks with nothing so far!! CRAZY!!! Send some prayers her way!!! 

Friday we were still on bikes and the Lord was blessing us because we had two doors open that hadn't opened for us in weeks!!! I guess people also thought we were starving and suffering because an Angel dropped off some food at Herbal life for us along with a hundo!!! Seriously, could not have been more blessed this week!!!!!

Saturday we had our Spanish conference up in Manan!! (Pretty much all of the Hispanics from out entire mission boundaries were invited to come). They had a huge soccer tournament, food, music and dancing. The camera died while I was there so I didn't get too many pics :( But Vargas was there, so it was obviously a blast!!! It was all day long (from 9-6). Some members took us up there so we ended up staying the whole time. I was pooooped when we got back! 

Sunday was the second half of the conference and so we had church up in Rexburg. We were all in one of the Auditoriums (Kirkham Auditorium) and then there was a big lunch afterwards. Super fun, but waaay super hot. There was no shade hahah, 
so a bunch of us slipped back inside to eat :)

Anyway that was the gist of my week :) There was another huge miracle in which all of my wildest dreams came true.... but I will let the picture explain that one :)

Love you alllll!!!!


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