Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Hola mi madre!!!!!

Okay so I am finally feeling better.... But I was sick ALL WEEK. Monday through Saturday. It was so rough. Longest week of my life!! So sorry to hear Alice got sick!! :( When does school start for you all??

Vicente is doing alright, but we didn't really get to see him this week... because of me :/ Our smoking family is doing awesome!!! Sister Fermoso got to see them actually and she had an amazing lesson with them!!! Leasha basically admitted that she has no excuse from joining the church... we are planning to set a Baptismal date with her this week!!! Please pray for her!!! 

The new mission President is awesome :) So we had transfer calls last week!! Sister Fermoso and I are staying the same.. actually our whole District is except for one companionship. We are pretty much the only District that didn't get changed around though. The Mission got dissected again. There are now only 6 areas. (When I came out there were 12). Our zone got dissolved. Our entire district is joining another zone, the Blackfoot zone (which is like a 25 minute drive). The other district in our zone got split in half and divided between two zones (IF and Ammon). Lots and lots of changes!! But its good!! I am actually super super excited for it!!! :) 

Yeah there are lots of awesome missionaries. One of our Zone leaders (who won't be our zone leader anymore) is probably the best leader I have had out here, but there are tons of really really great missionaries and its cool to get to see them on P-days at emailing and stuff. It's always fun to go shopping too. Wally World on P-day is always full of us missionaries :) Oh and I hear from the CCM peeps on a regular :) All of our main guys are planning a reunion already hahaha :) 

Whaaat?? I feel like Grandpa and Grandma are goin all gypsy! Isnt traveling around like that just going to be way super expensive?.... Aw gotta love them!


Sorry I dont have much to add. There will be tons for next week for sure with all the changes. I just did a lot of sleeping/watching the restoration/reading scriptures!! Hahaha

I love you all!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear from you next week!!!!!

<3 Charlie

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