Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 17th, 2015

The first bit of Charlie's email is a reply to questions that I had asked in my email to her...

Hey mom!!!
Okay so the first thing I do... is get up early and tally all the numbers for the week. We don't have follow up calls from our district leader Sunday nights so they call us at like 6:34 on Mondays yaaay. The call usually takes way to long so I am just on to picking up things. Then we start laundry at 7... jump in the shower.. out by 7:15... get ready... switch loads by 7:45... finish getting ready.. pray by 8 to start personal study... read while trying to balance drying hair.. then by nine its comp study and we are out the door by 9:50 to head to emails (usually we stop by Herbal life to grab a shake for breakfast on our way). Yup yup yup! Thats our Monday mornings!!

YES THE BILLMANS!!!! Sister Tapia and her companion told me they met them and they asked about me!! Thats so crazy!! Speaking of church people from our ward.. have you seen the Ensign for this month?? I fell like I totally recognize the people but I don't know who exactly they are!!!!!

Vicente is being a little difficult.. Tara was having some rough times but she is doing much much better now. I told her that you emailed about her and she got all teary-eyed! The non-smoking family (Iesha and Trey) are doing well!! And the Hills, as always, are fantastic :) Brother Hill is currently on a fishing trip in Alaska.

We had some big miracles happen this weekend!! Manuel and Adriana came to a FHE activity and had a blaaaast!!! That same night we met with a less active family who has a daughter  who said she wanted to have lessons to work towards Baptism!! She ended up showing up to church yesterday by herself and stayed for all three hours!! (she is 10). In the ward before Mikayla and her sister came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaat?? We told them we were speaking and they came!!!! It was a miracle!!!! We are watching "Meet the Mormons" at their house tonight too!! We are super excited!!!!!! 

We met with our new zone this week!! Its pretty big.  We have like three or four districts now instead of two. A couple new new people and lots of missionaries I haven't met, but also some that I served with in my first area that I am happy to see again!! Its going to be a super awesome transfer!!

During Mormon. org hour this week I found a bunch of quotes that I really liked, so here are just a few food for thought lines :) 

"Many things are good, many are important, but only a few are Essential" - Christofferson
 "Faith in God engenders a love for the sabbath; Faith in the sabbath engenders a love for God"- Nelson
 "It is very important that we do not make decisions of eternal value from the perspective of mortality" -Rafael Pino
 "No matter how many times you have slipped or fallen, stand up. Your destiny is a glorious one".- Uchtdorf 

Love you allllllll!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

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