Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jun. 11, 2015...Shelley & Firth

So, this week was full of meetings.. and meetings.. oh, and more meetings. Monday was a pretty normal Pday and then Tuesday started off with a bang when one of our investigators called asking if we could help her move. Lets just say we had members jump out of nowhere to help and the move was quite interesting when we moved both a couch and a bed out of the second story of an apartment complex.  Not down the stairs, but over the railing! YAY! Wish we could have gotten some pictures.

Wednesday was our weekly planning day this week since Thursday was taken. We had a member who just graduated come out with us (trying to help them go on a mish too) and we met this "hardcore looking biker dude" who was trailed by 6 Pomeranian.... yes.. we got pictures.

Thursday we had ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! This was our last zone conference with President and Sister Brinkerhoff :( It was a little sad, but the meeting was soooo good. We got  a few pictures with Sis. Brinkerhoff and then on our way home got cut off by, yes the Pomeranian man! Whaat? Our suspicions were satisfied (if there was even a question looking at the back of his car) when we drove past and saw one of his Pomeranian's sitting on a throw in the front seat...I <3 my poms!

Friday we were able to catch up and see a couple of people including Manuel/Adriana (and her little boy Dominic) and Makayla and we were able to meet someone new! He had been a referral that we just couldnt find but we finally tracked his house down! His name is Soltero! He, his wife and his 14 year old daughter live in a trailer right outside of the dairy farm that he works at. He was super inviting and willing to let us in so please pray for him and his fam! We are seeing them again on Tuesday!!

Saturday we had an "Emergency Meeting" with our Zone. (they just like to be dramatic). Sister Wilemon and Clay were there and so afterwards we went out to eat with them! Sounds like with the next transfer and the new mission President coming there will be a lot of big changes made so that his first month will be a little easier for him. We are losing 25 missionaries and only getting 3 new. A lot of areas are going to be changed around and or closed down. We will see what happens! Sister Vargas and I are just praying to stay together!

Sunday was jam packed. We had meetings and church until 4 and then we had an early dinner because we had fireside that we were helping out with at 5:30. The Firth sisters were putting it on and it was called the MMA. Member Missionary Activity! They had all the missionaries in the District help out and each had a point in Preach my gospel to do an activity on that would help people be better Member Missionaries. The split everyone into four groups and we all had a separate room. Our topic was 'Expanding your friend pool'. We had soooo much fun with the members (they were all between 16 and 30 yrs) and we even did role plays.... Mom!! Your favorite!!!  It was a lot of fun :) We only ended up having 30 minutes that day in our area to proselyte but we ended up finding 3 new investigators and inviting 2 people to be baptized!!! It was a perfect ending to the night!!! 

Anyways that was our crazy week :) 

Hope this next week goes smoothly for you all back home!! Love you all!!!

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