Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jun. 11, 2015...A Reply to Darin's Email

Hola mi padre!

 Ian sent some pictures of a frog.... speaking of, I found a snake yesterday!! It was right outside our members house and Hermana Vargas freaked, hahaha. I was able to catch one, but the other found a bush to hide in before I could get there. The members we are living with (the husband reminds me of Grandpa Cole sooo much..... Cooking calf brain mushrooms, bird watching with his 1000 books, fishing, mowing the lawn/working in his garden everyday, always has a pocket knife on him, moose and deer heads/antlers everywhere... I am pretty much at home) He came outside and was all impressed and just laughed that I had actually picked it up. It got us a serving of sautéed mushrooms when we got home :)

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