Monday, June 22, 2015

Jun. 22, 2015...Last weeks' email

A note from Dawn:  This email was from last week.  I am getting a little lazy!! Charlie mentioned last week that they would be going to Yellowstone for Pday this week, so we would not be getting an email from her.  (sniff,sniff...will we survive until next week?!?!)

Shelly and Firth are going well! There is so much work here :) This week Sister Vargas and I were really working hard to be as obedient as possible and my goodness there were blessings falling from the sky!! Okay so here was our week:

Monday we were with Sister Wilemon and Clay for the majority :) We went to Cafe Rio and Green Leaf (frozen yogurt place) and we just hung out and relaxed and theennn that night they joined us and we had one big sleep over, because we were doing an exchange/ blitz in our area :) 

Tuesday Sister Wilemon became my companion and Sister Clay went with Sister Vargas and we just went for it and visited as many people as we could. We met back up for dinner and we were out in the boonies at some potato farmers house.... their house was huuuuge. We had.. Potatoes for dinner (best Potatoes I have ever had) and we got to hear their daughters engagement story and how the dad handled "the talk" and all the questions he asked. It was hilarious... but there were some real good questions!!  They kept telling us how grateful they were to have missionaries who got along and who had fun with the work :) Oh we also got to hear some pretty funny stories about his mission and some pranks he pulled!!! Crazy!!

Wednesday was Zone training!! We had an awesome training and I will share my main insight thingy after this!! :) We had lunch with Wilemon and Clay after and then got to work seeing people!!

Thursday (our weekly planning day!!) We had a member come out with us (her name is Jordan and she just graduated this year :) She is this curly blonde, blue eyed, kick in the pants! Her dad (Brother Fielding) Was so surprised that she was going out with us that he sent us a novel that night about how thankful he was. We were able to go see the Larios family out in their new place (in the middle of nowhere) and we had a super awesome lesson about prayer and how it can strengthen us and bless us daily. 

Friday was a miracle daaayy!!!! The morning started of a little crazy when we had comp study with our District leader and one of our less actives called asking if we could help set us an air conditioning unit in her sons room. The Elders helped us out by saying they could do it! After comp study and lunch/language we headed to the library for Mormon. org hour annnd we both got to work on writing talks we were assigned to give yesterday!! Buuuut none of that really matters cuz we had the most amazing thing happen!! WE SET A DATE WITH MIKAYLA COVERT!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!! We are so so sooo excited for her!! She kind of set the date herself.. so its for August 3rd (a little far away) BUUUT we are so so happy for her!! She is awesome and suuper willing to work towards baptism!!! Lots of prayers her way if at all possible!!!

Saturday was also filled with blessings when we found an awesome new investigator!!! They were a new move in to our 4th ward and no one knew anything about them. A kid about our age answered the door and we talked with him for a little and asked if it was okay if we came back and he was all,  "Umm one sec.." He left and we were just waiting for him to come back with an excuse from his parents and then we were shocked with, "So is Tuesday at 4:30 okay?"... We about filled our pants right there on the doorstep. 

Sunday we gave talks in our 4th ward! Sister Vargas talked on Enduring to the End and mine was on Keeping an Eternal perspective. Super similar but it worked out well (we just looked like we had super good comp unity.. Bonus points)  THEN that night we had a booomb lesson with Manuel. We asked the hard questions and shared some experiences and he really opened up. We are praying hard that he will come to church this next Sunday!!!

Today we are going to be hangin in Shelly with a woman we had dinner with who has a Salon in her house!! She fixed my hair up on Friday night and she is going to help out Sister Vargas today!!

Anywayyy... So Zone Training!!! We had this super awesome Spiritual Prep and we watched Elder Holland talking about Peter and when Jesus was asking if he loved Him.. It goes on and Elder Holland starts talking in his own idea of what that may have been like and there is a part where he says, "Then why, Peter, are we back on this same shore, by these same nets, having this same conversation?" 
When I heard this the question popped into my head, 'What is my shore? What is my rut that I fall back into? Will I get lazy and return to that same shore that I started at? When will I return? Will it be tomorrow? In a week? Before our next Zone Training or after I get home? Or do I love my Heavenly Father enough to never return to that shore, but stay engaged in His work?' ... We all have those lazy habits that we fall back into. So, what is our shore? What is our weakness or that fallback routine? Lack of scripture study? Lazy prayers?.. or not helping that one person with their grocery bags? When will we decide to leave that shore for good and follow Jesus Christ?  Anyway,  don't know if it makes a whole lot of sense, but it clicked with me and it has helped a lot!!!

Love you all!!!!! HUGS HUGS AND MORE HUGS!!!!

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