Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jun. 7, 2015...Shelley & Firth

Hola mi familia!!! Como estado???

Sounds like you all had a super fun week!! I loved hearing about it :) 

I wasn't too nervous about speaking. The people are so friendly and understanding! But yes the understanding part is coming! When its Gospel related, I've got it down :) But sometimes other subjects are a little harder... same goes for speaking! 

Okay so day by day!!

Sunday.... Actually I am going to start from last Monday :)

Mon: So, since it was a Holiday nothing was open for us to email so we went to our new favorite families house and they let us use their macs and when we got there they had them all charged and like a full course buffet for us!! They are awesome!!!! So we emailed and then we went to a "getting to know you" zone activity.  And then we went and got some groceries and then headed home! I don't remember who we saw that night... but we saw some people!!

Tuesday and Wednesday are kind of a blurr.. Jk! Tuesday we had exchanges with our STL's! So Sister Clay came and joined us and it was super fun :) We did a lot of knocking doors that day and we met some awesome new people. One in particular who is starting up a taco truck with his friend!! (We gonna be havin' ourselves some good tacos!!) 

Wednesday was the blurry day.  It was a little rough and Sister Vargas started not feeling well at all and so we had to check in a little early that night (stomach yucks)..... we also got shot at.(*see additional info below)

Thursday was lovely weekly planning!! The rain and lightning finally let up and so it was a gorgeous day!  Which was a huge blessing since we had run out of miles and we were borrowing bikes from another bomb family in one of our English wards!! We had a an appointment in Firth that day soooo we biked the 8 miles there and the 8 miles back and then went in to Shelly that night!! (Just tryin to make you proud dad hahah :)

Friday was full of service :) We helped the Hatch family (the ones who let us borrow the bikes) get their garden prepped! Loooots of shoveling :) And then we went and helped a less active family clean her kitchen--- was nashty---but I dont think it has ever looked so clean!! (Its a trailer.. soo that might help you paint the picture)..

Saturday we helped this sweet life store (Herbal life) move into their new place!   Hermana Vargas's dad is huge on Herbal life and gets stuff for free all the time. And the Herbal life place in Shelly gives missionaries two free shakes a week and they have this wall that all the missionaries have signed. We also had a branch activity that day in Firth (a come and eat/play soccer sort of thing).  We were about to start making the trek on our bikes when my pedal just fell off!  Ha! Sooo we ended up getting a ride there (which was good because a thunder storm started while we were there and you would have thought that there was a tornado or something too). But there was  miracle!!!!!! Our investigators (Manuel and Adriana) CAME!!!!! They haven't come to an activity or church for the last 4 months!! And the miracle part was that we had moved building since the last time they came and they still found us!!! 
For Sunday we had saved just enough miles to get to our church meetings! (Yeah, we was thinkin' ahead). We were done with meetings and church by 4 and then we were picked up for dinner at 4:30.  Our dinner ran a little late and so we only had time to visit Mikayla for about 15 minutes before we were getting picked up again to have a lesson with the Larios family! (the Larios family is the one who lives out in the middle of nowhere with the cats and horses and cows?) But we met at the Fieldings house and had a super awesome lesson with them. We showed the "Because of Him" video from last Easter (probably my favorite video everrr!!!) And then we talked about faith and showed them the Tea bag thing annd then we talked about Baptism. It was awesome :) While we were there it started pouring and the hugest lightning storm I have ever seen started!! We were out in the middle of nowhere looking down on the valley and you could see lightning striking everywhere!! IT was SOOOO COOL!!! 

Anywhhhayes.. That was my week!!

Love you all!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!

*follow up on the shooting...

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 12:06 PM, Charlie Cole <> wrote:

oh oops.... hah! It was a potato gun.... forgot to add that in at the end!! Hahaha it twas to fun :)... He was like 12 years old hahaha

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