Monday, March 9, 2015

Mar. 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

So, this week was pretty much a lot of all over the place stuffs.... yeah hahha. Sister Wilemon and I were focusing on weeding through the investigators that have kind of not become investigators any more. Jesus has made it pretty clear that he doesnt want to be taught any lessons any more but that he likes talking with us.. sooo we have dropped him because in the end thats not what we are here for. There is soul saving to be done!! :) 

But his roommate Jose is super interested still. He is a truck driver so he is gone for weeks at a time which makes it tough to see him regularly but he just got back and we are hoping to see him today or tomorrow!... Efrian, Jose, Jimmy and Arturo have kind of become the same as Jesus. But we recently met one of their friends, Barush, and he got Efrian to come to church with him (and us) on Sunday!! It was a miracle!! So hopefully he will whip them all into shape!

... Essence has a baptismal date for the 17th!!!!! We had Zone Training and Conference last week and there was an underlying theme of being bold and focusing on those investigators who have become "Maybes". We both had Essence on our minds. Since her mom is basically the only thing holding her back we have kind of pushed away the thought of Baptism soon. However we both felt inspired! So she needs lots and lots and LOTS of prayers!! Her mom still hasnt come around but we are doing everything we can and so is Essence.

. ... Laura is doing great!! No baby yet, but now she doesnt need to try and wait longer, they want the baby to come. She is still so super interested in the church and is loving everything except the fact that she isnt allowed to come.. doctors orders. She is pretty limited on what she can and cannot do right now buuut she almost tried to come to church anyway! She is amazing :)

... We also got two new investigators out of nowhere it seems!!! Chelsea is one of them and she is fantaaaastic!!! She had been in the Elders area but just recently moved (yesterday) into our area. On Saturday we had a church tour with her and the Elders and we actually ended the church tour by going to a Baptism the Elders were having! She was all ready to go to church annnnnd they announced a service project in church for today and she has already called to tell us that she is going and hopes to see US there!! WHAA?!?! A whole bunch of members helped her move in yesterday which was super awesome to get her right in and involved with the members. All she has left is painting!!! YESSSS!!! Sooo hah I am super excited for this weekend so I can get my paint on!! :) 

Any way all is well and the work is more than amazing! Idaho is treating me way too well :) I love and miss you all so so much!!
Brazos y Besos!! 
Hermana Cole 

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