Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan. 26, 2015

(This is from Charlie talking about their work this week...)

Hello hello!!!
Okay so her name is Essence and she is basically, pretty much, completely the most PERFECT investigator any one will ever have! She is a dream! She has had every lesson, plus a few taught again. She loves the book of Mormon, reads it and prays every day and is always ready to learn more.
So, uh perf right?! Yeah,  okay but then there is her mom. (BTWs she has been taught by elders before us). The first time we went over there was a little cray-zay. She is one of ten kids so the house was all over the place ( the youngest being maybe a year old), but they are one big happy family with a momma who loves Jesus!

So this first day largely consisted of her mom preaching to us because she is a preacher filled with the holy spirit and the order of Melchizedek!! Yes, the order of Melchizedek. She knows she got the tongue of angels, the Holy spirit and the Priesthood! One day she was out smokin and some lady walked up and told her to throw her hands in the air because Jesus wants ya! Then she laid her hands on her head and she received the Holy Spirit!... (and I guess that means the Priesthood too!) She has been preachin.. Holy spirit!.. and castin out demons and raisin "people" from the dead (her hamster and a cat) and speakin with the tongues of angels! Oh she loves the Holy Spirit and baby Jesus Amen!!!! She even calls her baby her Holy Ghost baby.

She also knows that there are no such things as homeless people. "No sir! They just Jesus in disguise to test ya! Thats why I always got my dollar to hand to the homeless man on the corner cuz he aint no homeless man! I see all these people passin by and these cars and all I can think is, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! I aint gonna fail his test! I know!"

She loves the book of Mormon though and D&C! She reads it every day and she is just in love with us. She wants the church to accept women holding the priesthood power though and believes she is supposed to be outside of the church directing and exposing all the "fake" Christians who don't practice what they preach as well as defend the Mormons for the good people that they are.

So as of right now Essence has to wait till she is out of the house to be Baptized. But we be workin on her mom. A member who went to the majority of the lessons with the Elders said that the whole atmosphere is different with us. That with the Elders her mom and even the rest of the family was a lot more closed off. So we are just gonna keep workin! ( Any suggestions will be much appreciated though!)

Since we are whitewashing we have been spending a lot of time trying to find new people annnd a lot of the people we have found we haven't been able to get a hold of again. Lots of doors slammed in our faces, buuut I gotta share this...

On Tuesday we were having a ROOUUUGH morning. Finally we humbled ourselves and said a prayer hahaa. Hermana Wilemon said that the whole time she was just thinking about dogs and sure enough she looked up and saw this dog run up to this house. So we went for it!! We knocked on this door and a white woman answered. We were kinda let down because we can only teach in spanish (unless they are YSA age obviously). She did however tell us her neighbor was hispanic,  so we figured our connection with God was just a little fuzzy and headed next door.

Talk about answer to our prayers. We met one of the most prepared people we could. His name is Ruben and he is just about to be 20 and ohh my goodness. He couldn't have been any nicer or more willing to listen! And he has the most adorable little 7 year old sister!! Oh man I was so excited! We had our first lesson last night with him and he literally lead it! Everything he said, all the comments and questions he had.. gosh it was crazy!! ! Everything lead together and fed into our next points so well!!.... given we had a member,who last november became a convert, that said some "out there things" that were a little over his head.. maybe like the word Endowment... (the awkward moment when you find the wrong Amulek) But,  regardless hahaha God had our backs because I walked away just feeling so full!!!! AHHH It was awesome.. but he and Essence definitely need lots of prayers!!

(Ok, I had asked some questions, and here were her responses:)


The most challenging part of this week was probably speaking this week in the YSA.. I didnt have the language to blame my bad talk on!!

Just address the letters to me thats fine :)

Love you so so much!!!
Hugs and loves!!

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