Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb. 8, 2015

Feburary 2, 20015

Hello hello!
Okay,  let me try and hit these questions :)

We actually do see other missionaries quite a bit.. pday obviously but we have one other pair of Spanish sisters here in Idaho Falls and a pair of Spanish elders! (One of the Elders is our district leader actually. We also have weekly district meetings and weekly Zone Comp studies where we get together and talk about the area, have a spiritual thought and practice situations. (aka role play: yuck.)

The routine is coming along. It has been a little off since we are whitewashing and this is just ALL so new. Plus this week Sister Wilemon and I got hit with a nasty bug. Oh mom..... it was rough! Hahah! It hit her Tuesday morning and then it hit me by 12 that day. It felt like a truck had hit us.  That was an experience. Haha but things are great now!!

Ruben has a crazy work schedule but we are going to see him today!!
Essence is amazing.. as usual. She told us on Tuesday that she had been fasting for the past two days for her moms heart to be softened!!! AMAZING!! Good things will be coming her way I am sure of it. We just gotta keep sharing that love like you said.

I GOT MY FIRST BAPTISM INVITATION SATURDAY!  All in Spanish too. Scariest moment of my life! But it was amazing. Saturday and Sunday were really good days. We met an awesome 72 year old man who has fallen away from the church (forever ago). But he told us that he wants to come to church with us next Sunday and that he knows he needs to change some things in his life. He kept telling us that he has so much respect for us and what we do and he is so thankful that we came! We get to see him (Miguel) on Tuesday!!

I will try to get some pictures of people though because I don't have any :(... I did take pictures at the Temple which you will see and I think you can use one for my plaque!... did you already put the scripture on there?

Okay well I love you all!!! Hugs and Kisses!!

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