Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hey momma!!! 

Ohh my gosh.. I feel like a ran a marathon this week. But yes!! We have survived!!! The week won't  be much more relaxing though hahaha. Here we go again!

Okay, so this week we have my last District meeting.. 😓.. Then Exchanges on Wednesday, Weekly planning Thursday, MLC in Pocatello Friday and then exchanges again on Saturday.. 😵 Its gonna be a wild one!!

I am sooo A.D.D right now~ I am soo sorry!! We had some awesome milagros this week though!! Ernestina came to church and we are planning to set a baptismal date with her this next week!!! Pray for her!!! Also we took Carlos and Mario to the Visitors Center and whooooly cow. IT was amazing. We watched the pattern of light videos and the spirit was soooo strong. They loved it and were talking a lot about how it explains more about how the could get their answer from God. Sister Dominguez asked if they have prayed specifically about Joseph Smith and this is what they said:
Mario:  Well,  no I guess I haven't really thought about praying specifically about him. But like I pray about the Book of Mormon and if I get an answer about that then like I will know that its true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet because he translated it.
Carlos: Yeah, and we will know that the whole church is true too.

Pic of Carlos and Mario! (And Hermana Brown)

OHH MY GOSH WE WERE BURSTING WITH JOY!!! It was sooo so sooo awesome to see how it was all clicking with them!! We have invited them to be Baptized and so now they are working on receiving and answer! It is the best!!!!

Anyway so so soo sorry this is so short and spastic!! I loooove love looove you all!!!

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