Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mar. 21, 2016


Our peoples are doing good!! There was a little set back with Marta's Baptism. The church is completely booked with Stake Baptisms, a Special Baptism apart from the Stake ones and then Womens Conference. Soo we are pushing it back to April 9th. But that is actually perfect since her cousin leaves the 13th! They will have extra family in town and everything :) We are so excited for her. She told us that she was at work this week and that someone came up to her and asked her what religion she was and she said that she was Mormon.. hahah she is amazing and is already part of the branch 100%. She really has been such a huuuge blessing and we have been able to see the Lords hand in every part of her progression. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!

Everything else is going well! We have been meeting lots of new people and so we are hoping with our follow up appointments we will be able to find some that are extra prepared and ready! 

Funny Story: So we have been contacting a lot of former investigators from past missionaries and so Friday we went to go try and see a guy names Felipe. He was the first of that day to answer the door and we started introducing ourselves and getting to know him and then Brown goes in for the testimony of our purpose and all the good stuff. Perfect execution.. the spirit started to flood the doorstep and then, right there, mid sentence, mid testimony Felipe yawns dramatically and says, "Wow! I am falling asleep. Sorry I am just so tired.. Let me go grab something to drink."  He walks away leaving us looking the most confused and shocked I think we have ever looked in our lives. Then he comes back with the largest Gatorade bottle you can buy and says, "Ahh, okay, continue!"..... Classic..... Love it..... Hahah I just died afterwards in the car. 

Everything is going just fantastic and I am loving it out here!!! I will send the pics we have of this week!! Thank you for all of the ones you sent :)

Love love loove-a you!!!

<3 Charles

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