Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mar. 14, 2016

SOOO MIRACLE!!! WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM ON THE 26th!!!! Marta is getting baptized and she is soooo ready. Our last lesson she told us she wants to be baptized by her cousin before he leaves on his mission on April 26th and also that her parents in Mexico are talking to the missionaries now!! We are soooo excited for her!!!

Other things... We start our first English class on Tuesday and we are sooo excited!!! We are working with lots of LA and trying to find some more solid investigators. 

We had an FHE with the Branch yesterday and we played this game where you are all in a circle (sitting in chairs) and someone is in the middle and they say something like,  "I have never gone skydiving" and then if you have done that you have to get up and find a chair before someone else or else you will be stuck in the middle and then have to come up with something. There were these two little boys playing (maybe like 6 or 7yrs old) and the first time one of them got stuck in the middle he shouted "Dang It!" but in the bad word form... hahaha he immediately got this face like he knew he was going to get a whoopin later! Hahah... Not too much else is going on with us!! Just excited to be together still!!

I will send you some pictures from this week!! LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!


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