Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016


(Who has 100 days left?!?!...)
Hahah, okay so funny story about the 100 days. On Friday we had MLC and Elder Beck (an Elder that will be coming home the same time as us) came up and said,  "101 daaaayys!! Woot woot!!!" Hahah, he is super trunkie. We texted him on Saturday and said "He Beck, don't forget to..." and then he replied back "Keep it one Hunnit!!!!"..... Vargas and I died. It is sooooo crazy that we only have 98 days left. Ew. What happened to the time. It just disappeared!! It feels like we were just leaving the CCM yesterday. Ahh!! Its exciting, but at the same time I am sooo thankful I have three months left. I am not ready to leave yet!!! Its different on the flip side. When I was leaving for the mission I was leaving my family, now I am leaving a whole bunch of families that I have come to love and it won't be exactly the same coming back. I won't be coming back to them as a missionary. Ahh its just kind of weird. But,  I can't  even express how thankful I am for the decision I made to come out here. It has strengthened me in every single aspect of my life. Its been the hardest thing I will ever do, but the most important. AHH!! This work is amaaazing. 

This week went so fast. So,  Vargas has been with us, but she will be with another companionship this next week. This week was a full one! I got hit with the sickers again... bad bad... luckily it only lasted for a day! (The Hunts took me in that night <3 love them). We were able to meet a few new people this week, though none of them wanted us to stay or teach them further. We have been getting lots of referrals from the other missionaries in the area which has been amazing. David and the rest of the Castro family are doing amaaazing. We had our lessons with him this week and theeeen they had us over for dinner last night because ours canceled on us :/.. But we had the most bomb Tortas OHHH.... they were sooo yummy!! 

Friday was MLC and it was soo good. President and Sister Hancock are just amazing and they care sooo much for us missionaries. Lucky us, we ended up getting picked to give a ten minute training on theBook of Mormon/Godhead.  Sister Brown just always gets picked for everything hahah...

 Saturday we had our third lesson with Martha!!! We taught El Plan de Salvacion and it went so well. She came to church this Sunday and we are planning to go to the VC on Wednesday with her to watch the Restoration!! Woo!! Not much from the Vega family this week :/ We are hoping that everything is okay and that they have just been busy with the daughters son getting here. Other than that, our Spanish Zone is doing amaaaaaaazing!! The work is really picking up and we are so excited for the Branches!!

Love love looove you!!!

I promise you will be getting pictures in a couple of hours. We are going ice skating with our zone and the only time we could go was at 12... yea we are going to be a little late. But I have my camera so you will be getting pics for sure!!! LOVESS!!

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