Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb. 8, 2016

Hola mi familia!!!!!

Ahhh, okay so this week has been fantastic!!!!!!! I mean every week becomes blur and I cant really separate the days any more buuut thats why we journal right?? Hahah except I forgot my journal today sooo bear with me!! 

So, Monday was cool because the close Spanish Zone companions joined in with the IF Zone for Pday, so we got to meet a couple of them. (There are quite a few Elders who think they are pretty hot stuff which makes it kind of annoying...but at the same time its pretty amusing. Poor youngins...they will learn!) We played volley ball so it was a good time! That night we saw Jessica and her sister! (Sad face) her boss is scheduling her to work from 6-6 on Sundays now so she says she is trying to look for something else, but we had a really good lesson with her!! She is amazing!!!

Tuesday we were planning a lot for our training on Friday and then we had our lesson with David!! We went over the Baptismal interview questions with him (since his interview is tomorrow) and he naaaailed it!!!!!!!! After his lesson we went to the church and played soccer with all of the youth and two non member families!! One of them is the Vegas (the ones who moved from El Salvador with nothing) and the other was a family the Elders are teaching. The little Vega boy, Brandon, he is like 10... he was totally schooling EVERYONE!!! He is going to be a soccer star for sure!!!! 

Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Angel Cruz. We went over the word of wisdom... man that little kid has tooooons of energy sooo we had to make a little game out of it. The only person who could talk was the one who had the dogs chew toy. If you didn't have it then you had to be quiet until it was passed to you. If you did talk when you didn't have the chew toy, then you had to do a push up!! Hahahha he was super serious about the game... so much so that when he talked the first time he got right up to do his push up!! Sister Brown and I had to do a couple push ups ourselves. I was just glad it wasn't squats cuz I was hurtin real bad after playing soccer. I was sporting the penguin waddle/poop walk all day!

Thursday we had weekly planning and then we had a little miracle right before dinner!!! We had been going around to some of the past investigators from our area book with no luck. We saw this old lady shoveling the snow in her driveway so we went to help her buuut she wouldn't let us... dang old ladies!!!!!! We just want to do some service!! hahah (no one ever lets us help.... its kind of depressing..)  BUT!!! As we were leaving this trailer court we spotted another old lady in her electric chair attempting to do something with a shovel. I looked at Brown and said "Um.. WE ARE HELPING HER!!!" Turns out she was stuck and had been stuck outside in the freezing cold!!! Her ramp was too slippery for her chair to roll back up and so she had been just waiting for help!! OH OUR HEARTS!! We rolled her on up inside and then shoveled her driveway and ramp. She tried to pay us but we settled with sharing a message with her. We were both so happy we finally were able to do some servicceee!!!!!  We were going to meet with David but he was sick so instead we went around trying to contact lots of people that night. 

Friday we had our first Zone Training with our Spanish zone!!! Ahhhh!!!!! It was awesome!!! Aside from the usual nerves that come with knowing we are giving a training,  there were more nerves when we found out both President and Sister Hancock would be there as well as President nelson (first counselor in the mission presidency). Yeahhhh, Brown and I were trying to suppress our bubbling stomachs. It was rough... But our training went really well!!! We were first and after the meeting Sister Hancock gave us a very nice compliment. "You sisters! First MLC and now this! I am just really very impressed with you two!" Awww she is the best!!! Not too much will be different (at least for sending in information to the President ) but we will be focusing on building the branches up and recording the SM attendance.

 We had our Noche de hogar at 6 that night con la familia Ponse!!!! We had tons of fun (after our super spiritual thought about the desires of our hearts) playing games and eating cheese sauce and cupcakes!!! (Thats right dad... cheese sauce..... mm mmm good!!!)

Saturday we saw David and had dinner with them!!! All of that morning and afternoon it felt like we were running around and so we were excited to just have a good time at their place. It was a good time.... but I guess I ate waaaaaaay too much because I felt like I went into a straight food coma after dinner. My stomach felt like it was going to explode and I could barely keep my eyes open!!! It was actually a little scary hahah but we were able to watch the short restoration with them and start their program for Davids baptism!!!!!!!

Sunday started off early at 5am. We had a 6:30 meeting in our IF East Stake. Wooo... The rest of the day was great!! Church was awesome and so were our classes. We had dinner with the Ponse's and had Posole!!!!! YESSS!!! It was sooo good. Then right after we had a super amazing lesson with the Vegas!! We went over the Plan of Salvation and baptisms for the dead. Yeah, I know its pretty deep, but she had heard some anti stuff from family and so we cleared it all up and they want to come to church with us next Sunday!!! AHHH!!!!! MILAGROS!!!!!

Anyway thaaaat was our week!!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!!!

I love and miss you all so so sooo much!!! Thank you for the fun videos and pictures!!!! They are my favorite part of the week!!!

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