Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb. 1, 2016


 EVERYBODY's email was buggin last week. SO SORRAY!!! It was pretty rough for some who didn't get emails at ALLLL!!! At least I was able to get a couple from you and pops :) 

Our people are amaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I say we see miracles every week... but REALLY there were miracles this week!!!!!! 

Both Monday and Tuesday were full of lots of meetings with the Wards we were going to lose and going over things with our Ward Mission Leaders and the Elders that took over. 

Wednesday morning we were at the Transfer site all day helping with the transfer and being there as a companion for one of our Sisters who had to wait for her new companion. That night we had some more meetings with the Elders. 

Thursday we had  some weekly planning and then meeting with our NEW Spanish ZL's!!!!! One of them has been out of Spanish work for a year, but he is awesome and then the other is actually the first District Leader I ever had!!! I am soooo excited. We went over how as a Spanish Zone our focus will be different from the English missionaries. We are really focusing on building up the Branches in any way that they need and working with Less Actives and Recent Converts. ITS ALREADY AMAZING!!! The Branches have already been responding and I am just soooo glad that they can be the FOCUS and front line now. :)))))) 

Friday we had MLC which was amazing, as always!!! The AP's called us at like 10:24 the night before asking if we could do a role play.. -_- "Ew!" Sooooo , we had to do a role play about planning, teaching according to needs, leaving a  commitment and then following up on it... We used the Castro family as our people and so Both President and Sister Hancock, Both AP's annnd Sister James had to come up there with us hahaha :) It was fun, and the role play actually ended up being super spiritual. It was awesome!! ---- yuck I will never say those words again.... 

Saturday we finished our planning and we had a *BIG* Noche de Hogar with the family who just moved from El Salvador. It was awesome and we cooked some REAL mexi food. AHHHH!! It was soooo good and soooo much fun :) Sunday we were able to go to just our branch!!! Yay!!!!!! Then that afternoon we had a meeting with all of the High Council reps over missionary work from all 8 stakes that the branch covers. It was super good for them to get to meet us and we are hoping to be way more involved with them to get the branch movin!!!!!

I love and miss you allllll!!!!!!!!!! Hugs hugs and more hugs!!!!!

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