Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb. 16, 2016

Hello hello!!!

THERE WAS A BAPTISM!!!!!! (For David!!)   Mom... it was the best and most amaaazing baptism I have EVERRRR  been a part of!!!!!!! It went perfectly. Their family is doing sooo great and you can physically SEE the change in them!! Sonia and Chino are all involved and the mom was sooo happy for David!! Hermano Castro pretty much just beams happiness everywhere he walks. Hahah he pulled up to the church Sunday right next to us all honking the car. They were there early because Chino had an interview to advance in the priesthood!! AH!!! I will send pictures!!!

Okay, so this week is suuupa blurry. I can't remember what happened. It was lots and lots of preparing for the Baptism and getting the logistics figured out, heart attacking doors, service, meeting members... It seemed to go really fast.

Our weekend was paaacked!! Friday we had the beeeeest Hispanic food I have EVER had. We had an appointment with the Vega family (the ones from El Salvador). They told us that they were making pastelitos... soo potres or pasteles are like desserts soooo naturally we thought it was going to be some treat! Welll we are just supper white and we don't really know Spanish I guess because it was not a pastry at all.... but ooohhh my gosh. It was sooooo good. I don't really know how to describe it, but its like this little fried pocket of cheesy chicken goodness... wooo!!!! ME ENCANTA!!!! I also got to watch sister Brown cry from eating a chili... hahah I took a video too :) 

SATURDAY was the baptism and it was fantaaastic!! Tonnns of people came and Hermana Castro made food for afterwards and aaaahhh!! It was just so good :) 

SUNDAY little David was confirmed <3 He was sooo cute. He walked up there even before he was called up and right before they started the prayer he looked up and gave me the biggest cheesy smile!!! Hahah... another miracle was that the Vegas came to church!!! Wooo!! They only stayed for the first hour but THEY CAME!!   Milagro #3 was that one of the English Elders investigators showed up to our church because he speaks Spanish (even though he is supes white) annnd he stayed for all three hours!! It was... AWESOME!!!! 

MONDAY we tried lots of contacting and didn't find too much success buuut,  if you remember that older lady we helped get inside a couple weeks back? The one who was in a wheelchair trying to shovel her driveway? Yeah sooooo, we were driving by her house and she was outside! Again! Trying to shovel snow!! We got out of the car and asked if we could help her. She was surprised to see us again and after hesitating she handed the shovel to Brown--it was at that point we realized she wasn't shoveling snow.. but her dogs poop. Since no grass was available Sparky had to do they best she could and poop all along the edge of the snow/driveway-- Meril got herself inside and little ole Cali Brown began shoveling those lincoln logs into the Depends box Meril left for us. Brown was doing good until she didn't want to lift the box into the trash can,  sooo she decided she would lift it with the shovel. Despite my warning cries, she proceeded. As I watched the box fall to the ground, spilling the frozen poop/snow all I could do was stick my hand out for Brown to place the shovel in it.   I finished up the job for her and then we went inside to share a message with the sweet old Meril. <3 Good times... 

Sooo that was my week!! Sorry I didn't have too much to share!! I love and miss each one of you!! HUUGSS!!!

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