Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016

Hello hello!!!!!! 

Oh my goodness we have had TONS of snow!!! But it is all slush today here. It was raining when we left so it is all like one big Slurpee outside. Has it been super rainy in Corkyville?.

OH MY GOOODNESS!!!!! Okay so MIRACLES HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday night I remembered a less active that we were told to go see from last transfer. So we went and ohhh my gosh one of the best lessons ever!!! Her name is Jessica Valasquez and her and her older brother (21) are the only members in their family, but her brother has no interest in the church. She told us that she had been praying for us to come because she knew she needed to come back to church. We had a super good conversation about prayer and receiving answers and she told us she was going to talk to her boss to try and change her schedule for Sundays!!!

Tuesday we had district meeting and our lesson with David Castro on the commandments. We talked about tithing and fasting and the Dad surprisingly added in his testimony!!!!

Wednesday we took some time and went through the area book to look at the former investigators. We each wrote down a couple of names in both Spanish work and English. So it was a lot of contacting and not a lot of doors opened, but that's okay!!

Thursday was weekly planning and David again!! We went over the ten commandments and the hand motions (which he did bomb at remembering!!!) Chito said that they were coming to church sooo we started praying hard that night!!
                                           David and Chito!

Friday we had exchanges with Sister Oliphant and Tenney. I had Sister Oliphant come with me. She is new this transfer annnnd very quiet. Pretty sure the most I ever heard her talk was when I told her I had been home-schooled (just to give you a little idea of how that all went). She was super sweet though and we had a break through lesson with Nick Martinez's mom (the Buddhist/Atheist). She opened up about how much she wants him to believe in God and she shared some awesome experiences with us!! We also went back to see Jessica with our ward mission leader and before we could even get a word out she said "Guess what???!! I got work off so I can come to church!!!!!!" I about had a heart attack right there and then!!!

Saturday we had a HUUUGE service project. We moved the Millers out of their house and 11 missionaries showed up to help out. OUR ZONE IS THE BEEEST!!!!!!!! We were there from 10-12:45 and then we had lunch with the Hunts :) 

SUNDAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 we gave talks in our 10th ward and DAD!!!!!! This man came up to me after and said, "Did your Dad serve a mission?" Me: "Yes... Leeds England!" Him: "And he is from Corvallis?" Me: "Yep!" Him: "Well I was your Dads last mission companion.. or one of the last." What the whaaaaat!!?!?! His name is Darin Smith!!!!!! Ring a bell???? 

After that we had the Spanish branch and the Presidency got re-arranged but even MORE important.... JESSICA CAME TO CHURCH... AND SO DID DAVID AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!! (but not his mom). Jessica stayed for 2 hours and the Castros stayed for all three!!!! They were all super excited and fully participated in the classes.... oh my gosh.. my heart!!!! 
THEN!!! That night we had our first lesson with our miracle tattoo legit family from last Sunday! The Olivers :) The two kids who are baptism age are named Trevor and Collin :) Then they have a little bro who is named Joseph (umm,  he is ADORABBLE!!!.. yeah thats right.. with two-count em- two! B's). My people.... It was the BEST lesson.. I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIIIIFE!!!!! That family is amazing. Straight up amaaaaazing. They have all the right desires and goals. They are a mixed family and they just want the peace, unity and joy that the Gospel offers as they can be sealed as a family. AHHHH!!!!......... PLUS (bonus) they have like their own zoo... Snakes, birds, turtles, chameleons, dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, bunnies, snakes!!!!! I was in heaven...

Anyway that was our MIRACLE WEEK!!!!

Pray that Brown and I can just have at least one more transfer together!!! Calls are this Thursday!! Yuck...



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