Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jan. 11, 2016

Okay, so I feel like this week just slipped out from underneath me!!!! Holy cows!  For realz. Days feel like weeks, but weeks and months even, feel like days!!! I cant believe it. After this transfer I only have 3 left. Ew!!! What the what!!!!... Yeah enough of that talk!!!! This week has been fantastic though!!! 

Tuesday we "Heart Attacked" the Hunts door,  because uhh, they are obviously fantastic. We had fun writing some fun notes out for them :) We had our Tuesday lesson with David who is so so adorable. (Pray that his padres will bring him to church cuz it hasn't happened yet!!!). We also started visiting with a girl who has been coming to church for a year and a half now and she is not a member. She bears her testimony in church, comes to all the activities; she just needs parent consent :/ Faith, faith and more faith!! 

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Hancock. Oh my goodness! I love them. He is so straight up and real with you and he just wants to get to know his missionaries. He cares so much for us and Sister Hancock is just ADORABLE and soooo funny!!!! 

We had zone training and Sister Brown and I trained on being kind to one another. It was so so good. (Not because of us obviously) but the spirit was so strong and so many people were commenting, especially the ones who usually don't open up. I learned so much. It was amazing!!! We also went to the VC that night with David and our WML and his wife!! We watched Gods Plan and listened to the Christis. It was sooo good. He is soo ready to be Baptized... his padres just need to step it up!!!

Friday we went on exchanges! Sister Brown stayed in the area with Sister Park and I went to be with Sister Bueno. (No.. she does not speak Spanish... the name is deceiving I know... ). We had a super crazy exchange with lots of plans changing and fun service to do :) It was fun

Saturday became our weekly planning day because we didn't have time for it earlier and thennnnn we were invited that night to dine with Elder Erickson of the 70 at the Stake Center that night at 5:30. He was in town for our Lincoln stakes, Stake Conference!! We had the Adult session right after dinner. Sooooo good!! 

Sunday... MIRACLE DAAAAYYYYYY!!!!... Okay okay.... Ahhh!!!! -Im still kickin out about it!!!- (Quote from the Incredibles!) So, we had an amaazing Stake Conference, ran home for lunch and then ran to our 9th ward Sacrament meeting at 1:00. After the meeting we both stood up... we had inherited the first row since we were late... and then the Miracle happened!!!!! We stood up and I turned around and saw this family walking up towards the front of the chapel and I noticed the husband had this full sleeve tattoo (I actually turned to Sister Brown and said something like "Woah! Herms, look how sick his tattoo is!) His wife also had tattoos up her arm and I just thought to myself, 'Wow, that family is so solid and I have so much respect for them being here!' They had three little boys and they were all dressed so nicely and in the same colors. They went up and said hello to Bishop and then the husband immediately turned around walked over to us and said, "Hi Sisters! So, these are my two boys and they aren't Baptized. I don't know if you would be interested in teaching them or.."... Our ward mission leader walked right over, set up a time with us and asked if it would be alright for him to come along as well.... Uhmmmmm,  It was crazy!! I couldn't believe it!!!! AHHH!! Heavenly Father loves us... and blessings DO come when we are giving everything to Him. This is His time, not ours. His work, not ours. His Children, not ours. And He knows how to help and reach them, not us. All we have to do is align our will, with His. 

Soooo,  my week was fantastic and I am so excited for this next one!!!!

Love you allllll!!!!! Besos y abrazos my familia!!!!!!

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