Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 1, 2015...Visitor Center


This email was the BEST EMAIL EVER!!!! It made me laugh soo much!!!! Thank you thank you!!!

11 months??? How crazy is that?? Time is seriously flyinnng!!! Everyone says that the last 6 months goes by like nothing too... I feel like I am going to blink and then I will be stepping off the plane!! Ahhh its crazy!!! I am just trying to stay in the moment and make every day the best!! 

So, even though we serve in the Visitor Center we still are covering two stakes in Spanish for the 17th branch. Some days we aren't even in the VC,  like tomorrow. Others we are there from 9-3 or from 3-9 :) Whenever we aren't there we are just being regular missionaries!! :)  The VC is treating me really well.. really it is!! I looove the VC. There are sooo many people who come in and sooo many opportunities to teach and have spiritual experiences. It really has been helping me grow as a teacher  tooons. This week probably the best thing that happened was when some Elders brought in a family to see Gods plan and then to see the Christ's. At the Christ's the Elders asked the son what he thought annnd things got super awkward when he said he didn't believe or agree with anything.  But, before they left the mom started testifying of how she knew the Gospel was bringing their family closer together. It was sooo powerful. The spirit just filled the room and I gained an even stronger testimony about eternal families. It was amazing. We also had a family come in who is planning to be sealed in Feb 2016. Annnd another group of people came in to watch Meet the Mormons. One of the guys got back from his mission 8 months ago and actually served in the "bishops" stake... since he is stake president now. SO COOL!

YES JESUS IS BAACK!!! He is doing amaaazing! He is sooo different. Looks you in the eyes during lessons.. asks a million questions.. keeps commitments.. prays in lessons.. has a ponderize scripture (moroni 10:3-5)... he is doing soo well!!!!! He for sure will be baptized before the end of the year!!! 

Hahah Halloween sounds crazyyy!! Good old Oregon! We got put on lockdown from 6-9.. apparently there have been probs with people dressing up as missionaries and then messing around, soooo then we get blamed. We just get put on lockdown instead. But we got to watch a movie!!! Cokeville Miracle ... oh my goodness... mom... it was soooo good!!! You HAVE to watch it!!!! We also got 10 pizza's delivered to us because members here think we are starving... weird.

This week really has been good and nothing very stressful at all has happened. Hey!! We did get to go on exchanges this week. The sister I went on exchanges with is from Hawaii sooo if we are still doing that trip?? We have someone to go visit!!! Plus she comes home in May with me too!!!! 

Okay sorry gotta run!


Charlie <3

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