Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015...Idaho Falls

Hi mooom!!! 
Okay so let me try and answer your Q's first before I tell you about my cray cray week!

Sooo, yes there is a Zoo!! It was so so fun and there were  actually tons of animals there!! But it is pretty small, to match how small Idaho Falls is hahah!   --aww yeah, you gotta take a zoo trip!--I haven't even been to the one in Portland for a long long time!!

Okay,  so I feel like I have so much to say buuut then again I don't even know how to say it!!! Ahh, so for starters, Monday was awesome, we went to the Zoo and it was so much fun... I took a thousand pictures :)

Tuesday was pretty normal, and then Wednesday was filled with meetings. We had VC training from 7-9 and then Zone training from 9:45-2. It was a lonnng day. Then Thursday morning we had interviews from 7:30-10. We get to talk to President and he just checks in on us and how we are doing :) He is the best! Then we were just weekly planning and then we had the VC that night.

Friday came around and we had VC that night. (I don't remember if I told you about the woman who came in and watched "Because He Lives" and I was doing it by myself at first?) She came back in and got a blessing from our senior Elder and then she just wanted to talk with me.  So we talked until we closed at 9. It was awesome and she left happy again and she even told us she would want to come out teaching with us!!! :)

Then there is Saturday. So long story short Saturday morning we got a call from President Brinkerhoff (which never happens) and he told me that I was getting ET'd (Emergency Transferred)!  Sister Pulido would be going into a trio with the other Spanish VC sisters and I would be leaving that day. So, I packed up in less than an hour and then made rounds to say goodbye! I am now serving in Shelly and Firth... total country. Gorgeous, gorgeous annnd HORSES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! So I am pretty much in heaven. We are living with a member again and they are AWESOME. We are covering a Spanish branch and two English wards. Everything is super spread out but there is TONS of work....... ANNNND my companion... Words can't really describe how I feel about her,  soo I will just send a picture instead.

But the work is still going and I am loving it!!!!!! 

Brazos!! Charlie

(A note from Dawn:  This is the next email Charlie sent referring to:  "... ANNNND my companion... Words cant really describe how I feel about her soo I will just send a picture instead.."

---- IT'S SISTER VARGAS!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!? 
Its round two!!! :) Oh my goodness..... AHHHHH!!!!!!! WE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!


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