Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015...Idaho Falls

(A note from Dawn:  This is from last week!  I have fallen behind in my posts!  This first part is Charlie's response to my Q's about her new companion)

My Companion...She is awesome by the way!.. Yes, she is like a foot shorter than me. For the first time I feel like a giant!  She was born in Guadalajara Mexico, and then moved to Utah like 7 years ago, so she speaks Spanish and English fluently. Her brother got home about a year ago from serving a mission... in Pocatello Idaho!! Hahah crazy right?? She has the older brother and then just a younger sister (who is about to graduate) and I think that's it! She is soo so soooo funny, and she (as well as another sister in the VC from Peru, Sister Salmanez, are helping me with the Speol a lot!)

Sunday: We had studies and then Branch council, a short lunch in between and then church! Sister Pulido and I had printed out the plan of salvation cut outs and so we checked out some colored pencils from the Library and colored during sacrament. (I felt like a little kid again.... until I realized I probably colored all through middle school too). We had VC after that so we went straight there! It was suuuuper slow and we had an extra pair of sisters there so it was a lot of sitting around/studying/learning to read music again on the piano!!. About at 8:00 a few members from the YSA came in and saw me and got all excited so we talked pretty much until closing. It was good to see them!

Saturday: We had VC in the morning annnd we picked up 2 extra hours so we were working from 9am-5pm because one of the sisters had a Baptism that day. We ended up being there till 6:30 because our dinner was late and then we rushed over to another pair of sisters baptism at 7. The Baptism didn't end up starting till 7:45, because their investigator got lost! Crazy!! We didn't get out of there till 8:15 and so we only had 45 minutes to try and see people. We went and saw Hector and Olivia Silva. They live in apartments and apparently they thought it would be a good idea to get their daughter a bunny and two was a little gross. We got home that night and started planning and then we got a knock at the door from Sister Mclaughlin. She had boxes from Sister Pulidos family and flowers from Conner.. AND videos to watch. She is the cutest! 

Friday: We had VC in the afternoon, but we were weekly planning all morning because it got pushed back from Thursday. So we were just planning and then we were at the VC (super slow again). That night around 6:30 a woman came in who looked really just kinda out of sorts and unhappy. The senior missionaries were eating so Pulido was at the desk. She told me her Bishop just told her to come in. Pulido asked her if she had seen "Because He Lives" yet and she said no,  so I took her to go watch it! (It was my first time taking someone by myself!!!!). I did my intro to the video and she seemed suuuper uninterested and upset. Halfway through the video she just started balling. We talked after and she just said she was going through a lot and realized that her friend didn't have what she had (the Gospel) to be able to feel better and make things right. I bore my testimony and shared some experiences. Sister Pulido came in and we watched the last years Easter Video and then went to watch some "I'm a Mormons". She ended up opening up to us and telling us everything. She actually was a return missionary her self,  but things had just gone wrong over and over and she felt like she didn't know her purpose and the one thing that had helped her join the church (the Plan of Salvation) didn't seem to be there for her any more. I started baring my testimony again. I just felt this overflowing amount of love and this feeling that everything was going to be okay for her. I started sharing all of these things with her and even promising things to her that I just felt so strongly were true and for her! She ended up braking a smile and started laughing with us even! It was crazy! This whole new light ignited in her!!!! It was a very special experience and it strengthened me soooo much!

Thursday: We had VC in the morning and there was another awesome experience! This older woman came in and said she just needed to see a video or something because she didn't have time to drive to Rexburg to go through the Temple. Sister Afeakhi and I showed her "Gods Plan" and by the end she was balling. We had an amazing conversation about the Worlds view of Families and how we cannot take them for granted. When she was leaving she told us she was so thankful for what we shared with us and then she said,  "...and you know, you sisters are just... you know... your not like.... Weird!.. Your normal!!" Hahah :) We had a short period of time before our Zone was doing a blitz for all the VC sisters areas. (basically all the zone splits up and goes tracting in our areas to help us find more work!) It was super fun, and we were able to really clean out our area book.

Wednesday: We had VC in the afternoon and VC training from 7-9 and then District meeting from 10-12. We didn't have much time in our area and we kind of struck out with finding people.

Tuesday: Pretty much the same as Wednesday, but without the meetings! Its really hard to find/ visit people from 12-3 before we go to the VC. Not a lot of people are home because of work and school so sometimes its really dead. We did get to visit Pricilla, though she told us she would come to church and the VC annnd that didn't happen. But Chelsey came and to the VC that afternoon!! She said the Elders are doing a great job buuuut that she missed sister Wilemon and I a ton :) It was good to see her.

Monday: Emails, shopping, and a multi zone "get together" where nothing really happened and all the Elders just played basketball.... so yeah hahah.. and then we had VC that night as well!

Pretty fast week!!
Today we are planning to go to the zoo!!!! It will hopefully be Sister Wilemon and Clay, Chelsey, Brother Christensen, Essence, and Stephani (all people from the YSA). Super excited!!!!
Love you so so much!!!!!!!

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