Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015...Idaho Falls

Okay yeahhh woo! The last day and a half have been crazy!!!

Sister Wilemon is doing a little better. She has got some good pain meds so she is feeling awesome ;p She thought this morning that she may have passed the stone buuut she seems to still be hurting a little so guess not! 

It was soooo nice being at the McLaughlins. Being in the stake center with 4 other missionaries is pretty lame for conference. Its hard to really be attentive!! So instead we got to sit in their theater room!! It was legit!! Black walls.. huge couches.. movie posters.. huge screen... the works! Sister dubs slept a looot yesterday, seeing as she only had 1 hour of sleep. We didn't get back to their place until 12ish (after getting the meds and grabbing stuff from our place)... We had a very interesting time of helping her get into the shower annnnd finally got to bed around 1:30.  Though with changing of the IV bag and going to the bathroom it was a rough night. But things are.. mostly.. on the ups now!

We have got today and tomorrow to work our butts off together and then we are being transferred! Hermana Wilemon is going to Ammon (which is like Philomath to Corvallis) and she is going to be an STL!!!! (Sister training leader!!!)... Its a pretty big thing. Its kind of like Zone leaders for the Sisters! Usually they don't call you as an STL until you are like a year out too. Sister Wilemon has barely got 8 months under her belt! She is going to do awesome!!

 I will be staying in my same area and joining Sister Pulido. She is Hispanic and has been out the same amount as Sister Wilemon AND she is Visitor Center called. There is an odd number with this transfer sooo I will be going to the Visitor Center! I am not exactly sure how it will all work. All I know is they split their days in half, but I will fill you all in next week! 

(Pic of the going away ice-cream party...)

President also called me as senior companion. Definitely quite a lot nervous so we will see how this all goes! I am excited though! I will be moving about 10 minutes away from where I live now to where Hermana Pulido lives and Elders will be moving in with Sister Kissel. 
... It has been an eventful week!

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