Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apr. 5, 2015...An unexpected sleepover

A post from Dawn...

So, yesterday  (Easter Sunday) I received a picture text from Sister Pattie McLaughlin who is a member of the Spanish branch where Herman Wilemon and Charlie are serving.  She and Hermana W. were in the McLaughlin home watching general conference.  

For a moment I thought I was receiving another thougtful picture text from a family who was hosting the missionaries for dinner, which we ALWAYS love! But it turned out to besomething more.

It turns out that Charlie and Hermana W had stayed the night in the McLaughlin's  home because Hermana  Wilemon had become ill with a kidney stone. She saw the mission Dr. and after having blood drawn, she was put on an IV.  Brother McLaughlin is a family practice doctor and could change her IV's as needed.  

Brother and Sister McLaughlin are stake missionaries for the Spanish Branch.  Hermana W was well taken care of and started feeling a bit better and the Hermanas stayed at their own place last night.   

It is such a blessing to know that there are people out there taking care of our family while they are away serving the Lord.  I know that if it were Charlie who was ill, I would find much peace in knowing that she had a momma and a papa taking care of her and helping her through such a hard thing!  Thank you so much to the McLaughlins for their love and service to Hermana Wilemon and Cole!

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