Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apr. 5, 2015...Idaho Falls

AHHHHHH! HOLA MI FAMILIA?! Como estan??? Les amo muchisimo!!!!

Okay okaaaay!!!! Soo..... WE HAD A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! But alright.. start popping some popcorn and get yoselves some cokes (and root beer for the littles) because it was a little cray cray at first!! 

So Thursday morning Chelsey has her interview with our district leader and all goes perfect and she passes and everything is sunshine and daisies. Then Saturday morning rolls around and Sister Wilemon and I get to the church at 9:30 to make sure all is going well for us to be ready for 11:00! We got there and the font was filling, chairs were set up, programs made.. the works. Chelsey and the member who was Baptizing her were going to be showing up at 10:30 to get herself fitted into a suit and run through things she would be comfortable with everything. 

So 10:30 comes and people are showing up.. and no Chelsey. 10:40...10:45..... We gave her a call and apparently her Aunt (who is a super suuuuuper less active member) woke up late and they were about 5 minutes out! So with 10 minutes to spare she arrives and we hustle her in to start trying things on annnd the first suit doesnt fit.. and the second.. and the third..... nothing was working. We even tried pants and a shirt! 

At that point everyone and their dog steps up to the plate. Our Zone leaders and a couple members take off and everyone is headed for a different church to try and find a suit that will fit. (the poor member asked to play the piano was just playing prelude the whole time! Hahah). Everyone was taking calls and ahh it was crazy!! These random Elders from our Zone showed up with a pile of suites (none of which fit) and then right before our Zone leaders came rushing in with their pile, a member of the Branch Presidency hands us a temple dress! (Bought from the distribution center because the Temple is closed here). IT FIT PERFECTLY!!! 

Ah so finally we begin at 12:00.. our Branch mission leader was conducting and started off by saying, "Well, thank you everyone for being here so early for this Baptism planned for 12:00!" It was great :) The service was absolutely perfect and the spirit could not have been stronger. Chelsey and her Aunt were balling through the entire thing! I got to give a "talk" on the Holy Ghost too, which was super special since it was my first Baptism.  It ended up being just right.. but there were some major forces trying to keep her from the font that day for sure!! 

Sunday was just as good when she was confirmed! Our Branch President is terminally sick with cancer and his wife spoke and gave one of the best talks I have ever heard. Every eye in the congregation was wet. 

Other than the weekend Sister Dubs and I have been working our behinds off! We focused extra hard on inviting people to be Baptized daily (it is the Standard of Excellence). We had a really bad week last week and so we were refocusing and it has been absolutely amazing!! We have had so many miracle moments in finding hole in the wall people who have seemed to fall out of nowhere, but who are beyond prepared!! Ah! just such an inspiring week!!

I am so glad to hear all is going well back home!! Love you all!!!

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