Friday, February 20, 2015

Feb. 20, 2015

Here are some bits and pieces from Charlie's email this week...


The Spanish is coming slowly but surely.  Mainly, it comes only when God wants it to--haha. The other night we had an awesome lesson with two guys Efrian and Jose. They are roommates and we have been seeing them off and on when we can catch them, but Friday we really had a good lesson and had an amazing talk about the plan of Salvation. I bore my testimony and said a whole bunch of I don't even know what.. it was definitely not me that is for sure!!

Oh my goodness mom, last Saturday Sister Wilemon and I met the most amazing mom ever. She is this tiny adorable little Hispanic mom with three kids and one on the way. She is seven months pregnant and it is a super high risk pregnancy. We were on our way to see Essence and we were in their driveway and Sis. W. turned to me and said she didn't feel right and that we needed to be somewhere else. We headed for a neighborhood (where Ruben lives) and I told her we needed to knock on the door of this huge salmon colored house. Thats when we met Laura. 

She was preparing for her baby shower the next day and of course she wouldn't accept any help... she just sat us down and fed us instead! We started talking to her about church and the mission. Her husband came home and they were both asking tonnnns of questions which was awesome! At one point she started getting super emotional. She said that she really really wants her children to have God in their life but the only other churches or religions she has been involved in, she has felt God, but it only lasted for a short time. She said she wanted that feeling to be with her all the time. (could you scream, Baptize me any louder????) Oh my gooosh! It is a missionaries dream investigator!! 

We started talking about church and she asked if she could go before we could invited her!!... Her husband wasnt interested.. but whatevs.. we gonna get him too.... She also invited us to her baby shower the next day! Of course.. we ended up meeting a member there!!! We have since been back and cleaned her floors, cooked dinner and got her a few groceries. (She went to the hospital last week because things were not so good and the doctors said she has to try and wait another 4 weeks.. send lots of prayers her way!!)... The topper.. she still came to church with us!!! 

It is crazy how many people are prepared all around us and are just waiting for someone to open their mouths and share this saving message with them. 
In the CCM (The Mexico MTC) during one of our district meetings our Branch President was sitting in. We were all talking about D &C 100: 5-8  and its promise but how hard it is going to be and how scary getting out in the field will be but we just gotta get over ourselves and do it! He shared something with us that  has really stuck with me. He said that:
 "There is no where in the scriptures that talks about getting to a place of comfort or becoming comfortable. That is not the goal. We are not here working and working and working to get to a point where we can just relax and be comfortable. There is always more to do. There is always more work. That is why my goal is to always be UNCOMFORTABLE. If I am always uncomfortable I know that I am on the right track. I am learning, growing and I am progressing."

I love that. As missionaries lots of things are uncomfortable and I find myself trying to do things to be comfortable with it! Like trying to memorize passages and phrases so that I will be more comfortable with the language or constantly thinking about what I am going to say next in a lesson instead of listening. 
We need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 
And that doesnt just go for missionaries. We are full time missionaries for 18 months but EVERYONE is a part time missionary for life. We just gotta get a little uncomfortable and open our mouths because God is going to have our backs.
Any way random thought! :)


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