Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015

Well,  so my morning started off at 2 am.... yes...more yucks. This time we think it is food poisoning. (We have gotten real close real fast as a companionship!) Other than that the week has been full of miracles!

Mondays are always great but they are even better now because we have a favorite family who has told us they want to have us over every Monday night. (That is the only day we don't have dinners planned for us). They have three little kids. One is a newborn, one is 5 and one is 2. ADORABLE! I have pictures but I grabbed the wrong card today so they will have to wait. Sorry!

Wednesday was awesome. Sister Wilemon and I both woke up that day feeling like we could be doing more. We had both asked for service in our personal prayers and asked that we would really be able to see the people we had planned for. (A couple of our investigators had been hard to catch for the past couple weeks).

 During study time Sister W. had the impression that we should ask Ruben to see Meet the Mormons at the Visitors Center. His work schedule is crazy and we can usually only see him on the weekends but we went for it any way!  Of course he said he could go! He had a break from 2:30 to 5 and said he could make it at 3! We decided we would also go eat at Jaliscos (where he works) for lunch that day. (BTWs: make a note. Jaliscos is the BEST Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at in my entire 19 years of life on this earth!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! And they have the most amazing fried Ice-cream that will make you just want to die!)

Anyway we realized that going to the movie cut into one of our appointments, so we headed there after our studies to try and reschedule. He didn't end up being home so we left a note. As we were leaving there was a woman outside carrying three huge bags full of trash so we ran on over to give her a hand. She just kind of smiled and said thank you sisters. We asked if there was anything more to throw away or if we could help her with anything else and she just started crying. She explained that she was from Colorado and that her daughter had just had a baby and needed to move the rest of her stuff from this apartment to her new place in Rexburg. Her daughters husband had some major PTSD from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and was having a bad day so she was all alone and it all had to be done by the next morning before she flew home. She told us that she had just said a prayer that she might find some help because she had no idea who anyone was and didn't know the area at all and then we walked up. We were so shocked and so happy to help because that was an answer to our prayer as well! We told her we could be back at 4:30 to help and she was beyond grateful.

At that point we were rushing to the Visitors Center and made it just in time for the movie. A member had agreed to come out with us so he was there too! After the movie Ruben had to run to work but he said he was really glad he came and that he liked the Fighter segment the best (obviously.. she is bomb.) Our member was from the YSA and said he would be more than happy to come help us move stuff and that he would even see if his friend could help as well!

We showed up and got straight to work. Surprisingly her daughters husband showed up near the end. It was a crazy "coincidence" because the members friend who came to help had served in Afghanistan as well and so they had lots to talk about.  The lady we met couldn't  stop thanking us. Tears rolling down her face. She was so amazed and so grateful for prayer and knew it was no coincidence that two vets were able to talk things out that day as well. It was amazing. We were so thankful to have been there and to have been worthy enough to have had those promptings that morning. She was able to get everything done AND go see her grandson before heading home the next day!

That night things got even better when we finally got in contact with a woman, Priscilla. She told us she was so glad that we came and that she has been  wondering where the missionaries went!  AHH she is awesome!!.. Those kind of days just make your entire week!!!

I love and miss you all so much!!

Send more pictures!

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