Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Last P day at the MTC!

 I absolutely cannot believe we leave next week. I am going to ball my eyes out. I love this district family of mine!! We are all planing to keep up a group email so we can keep up with each other. (BTWs we leave here at 4 in the morning on Tuesday... the rest of our district leaves at 3 in the afternoon Wednesday ).

  BUUUT that being said, I am so so soooooo out of this world excited to head to Pocatello!! I cannot wait to start meeting the people there! I am just so ready to love them! Its weird how I already feel like there are people there that I know and love. Praying for them already makes me feel like I am there in a way. 

I know I am going to miss my Hermana Vargas so so much. I am so blessed to have her heading to the same place I am. I know the Lord is my number one though. More than ever I have realized that we could be the worst player on the team, but with the Lord as our teammate we will never lose. He has our backs and he will make up for whatever we feel we might lack. I have grown such a stronger relationship with Him.

 I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon from start to finish again and I have never loved and wanted to read that book so much in my life. I LOVE IT! It is amazing to me how much I am understanding and how much sticks out to me every time I read it and usually ends up answering a question or helps me out with our lesson that day. Words cant express how much joy just that has brought me.

Okay things of this week and last...

Our other favorite district has all left! They were our second family (the district we had multiple volleyball tournaments with. They had four crazy amazing sisters that literally had voices of angels. They sang in one of the devotionals every Sunday. They had some super awesome elders too. It is so cool to see so many people out here for the right reasons. (granted there are many who are not). But I have been so lucky to meet so many people that have strengthened my testimony ten fold.

Last week on Friday  a pipe burst somewhere in the CCM annnd so none of us had water for a day and a half. Some of the toilets would flush and some showers would run but the water was completely brown. It smelled awful. Buuuut within that day and a half they were back to working. Our whole casa jumped in the showers. It was freezing but we didnt care.

Our schedule will pretty much be the same for this week. Today before lunch we will take our district picture that they will play in the last Sunday devotional annnd then all of Friday will be our "prep to leave day". Everyone who is leaving will follow a different schedule with a whole bunch of orientation/devotional/lessons that are all centered around us leaving! I'm so excited!!

Our new years eve was great! (I will send a pic of our stash).... And thanks so much for the package by the way!!! We traded our elders one of the ciders for cake balls and chokies. (They were supes jealous hahah). We stayed up till twelve and watched fireworks out our window and then crashed :)

Alrighty love you all!!! And I will talk to you next Tuesday !!! 

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