Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good-Bye Mexico City MTC!

Hello just sending a quick email before we head out tomorrow morning at 4! Absolutely crazy. Time went so so sooo fast! I still feel like a newby here! 

This week was full of last minute pictures with people so I will send some your way. Lots of our district and some with our favorite peeps! 

Yesterday our branch president left the second half of our sacrament meeting open for us to bear our testimonies. Every single on of us did ours in Spanish!

Afterwards we took a picture with our branch presidency and they told us they told the new districts that they all need to learn how to be like us and be as close as we are. He said, "What is your secret?"
All we could say was that we all just clicked right from the beginning. Our first Sunday we all had our own personal district testimony meeting about why we chose to serve. It was like all of our spirits bonded that day. We all agreed that we knew each other before this life and there is no doubt we were all supposed to meet at this time for a reason.

Gosh it is crazy how much I love all of them. They all left at 2:30 today and it was honestly like watching 8 of my brothers leave. It was crazy.. but we are all having a reunion as soon as they are off their missions. I cant wait! They are all going to do amaazzing. Every single one has such a strong testimony that has helped me in one way or another. Ahh they are just great!

Anywaaay we had to join another district after they left, but they are super awesome as well! 
Soo now we are just waiting to leave pretty much! Im all packed and ret to go! My bags are currently 46 pounds and 29 pounds.. and all I gotta add are some towels. Tonight is going to be so strange with just the two of us! But we are going to pop the last bottle of bubbly and enjoy it! Two of our really close elders are on the bus with us to the airport tomorrow so we are super excited!

Ahh! Whelp,  I love you all and hope to get to talk to you soon! I can't wait to just get to Pocatello!.. (though I guess there is some huge flu outbreak and its the worst in Idaho and Utah.. so yay!) But it will be great! I can't wait to start meeting people! I think I am most excited to be in a real ward!

Loves loves loves!!!

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