Sunday, April 17, 2016

Apr. 11, 2016

This week for us was all over the place but it was amaaazing!!! 
First off, our dinners the week before last were amazing and they gave us a ton of referrals so we got busy contacting them Monday night. We didn't have much success buuuut there was this super awesome hail/thunder storm so it was super fun to work in!!!!! :) 

Tuesday was a little bit of a prep day for us. We had to get Martha's Baptismal programs all ready as well as start preparing for our training on repentance for Zone training (nothing too heavy). We did get to meet a new family though, the Rojo family. They have a son who is less active (20's) and they are all non members. The mom was sooo excited to see us and she immediately said,  "Hermana's,  que bueno que ustedes vinieron. Johnny esta haciendo.. yo no se.. y yo estoy muy preocupada por el". (Hermanas its so great that you came. I don't know what Johnny is doing and I am worrying about him). She was so sweet and we got an appointment set up for tonight!! We also had our English class... it is going so so great!!!

Wednesday was some more prep work/ weekly planning because we had exchanges that night with the Menan sisters.

Thursday I was in Menan with Hermana Alvarez. She has been out for 4 weeks and speaks pretty much no english at all. The exchange was awesome and I learned tooons :) 

Friday we had our Zone Training and it was soooo good. All of it was based on Repentance and converting our investigators and ourselves. Soo goooood!! We saw Martha Friday night and went over some last little things before her BAPTISM!!!! 

Saturday... oh my gosh... it was honestly the BEST. I don't think I have ever felt the Spirit so strong like I did during that service. Everything was absolutely perfect. She had lots of extended family their and her cousin (who leaves for his mission this Wednesday) baptized her. It was absolutely beautiful. So many people were crying through the service including me. Though thats nothing new... I am kind of a cry-er. So many members came up afterwards saying, we need to have more baptisms like that! Even Martha's grandmother (non-member) came up to us saying that she wants to learn more so she can have what Martha has. Every single part of that service was touched and guided by the Lord.
Martha and her Family!

Sunday was just as amazing during the confirmation. The spirit was just so so sooo strong. It was honestly just the best week EVER!!!

I love love looove and miss you alll!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!

<3 Charlie

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