Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mar. 27, 2016

This week was another one that just flew by! Monday we had a crazy rushed day of getting to the stores we needed to and then we had fun playing random games with the zone. Two of the Elders brought three gloves and a ball. Wow I feel like I havent thrown in foreeever!!!! But it was so much fun! That night we had a Noche de Hogar con la familia Acevedo. We had a testimony meeting and then played a really fun game called animals... I was out after the first round -_-

Tuesday we had our District meeting and then a lesson with Verenice Padilla. She is such a sweetheart. We read through 1 nefi 1 with her. (She is a less active who cant go to church because of her boyfriend). We have started seeing her every tue at 4. :) We love her. We saw David as well and set up a Noche de Hogar with them for Thursday!! We had our English class that night annnd..... MILAGROS!!!!! 14 people came!!!!! It was amazing!!! 3 non members and 2 less actives. AHHH!!!!!!! Hahah our Branch Mission leader shed a lil tear.. hahah he is so funny. It was amaazing. Something else that was amazing.. we had dinner with a family annnnd half way through our dinner conversation, big foot comes up. Yes... they believe in big foot. But not just one! Oh no... a whole race. Yes.. we learned lots about how they are very spiritual creaters who are good... and who apparently know about the plan of salvation... mhmm... We held it together until we got in the car. I kind of felt like I had been pranked or something..

Wednesday we met a couple of new people out in our Ucon Stake! Lorena and Marin! We have appointments with them for next week! We got to see Marta too and we taught Chastity, temples and fam history work. It was an awesome lesson and we invited her to start looking for people to ask to speak at her baptism. 

Thursday was weekly planning and our Noche de Hogar fell through since Hermana Castro was sick :( We did have a miracle though! We met Miguel. Miguel is 22 and living with his mom to help her recover from a bad spinal injury. He is amazing. He is so open to learning more and when we asked him about how his belief in Christ has blessed him he went into this amazing experience about how a sprained ankle kept him from being at work when the ceiling caved in pouring tons of water right where he would have been. Heavenly Father loves us!

Friday was a lot of practicing/ getting progress records done/running Gatorade to sick sisters. We ended up having dinner with the coopers again!!! LOVE THEEEM... we bonded over talking about how big foot (or feet) do not exist.. it helped my sanity. 

Saturday we only had one person come to our English class so the Elders took over and we had the best lunch with the Hunts. I was asked to say the prayer at a baptism for one of the members daughters in the Branch and I ended up seeing quite a few members from the 17th branch! The conference that night was amaaazing. Loved it. It was all about Service which is exactly what we needed!!!!! 

It was a pretty great week all in all!!!!!

<3 Charlie

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