Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mar. 7, 2016

Hey momma!!!!!!!! 

Thank you, thank you for all of the pictures!! I looooove getting to see everyone! :) It looks like you all have been having sooo much fun!! 

Okay,  so Vargas is no longer with us. We may be moving out too. Our housing coordinators are just working on finding a new place. Crazy!! But yes!!!! Brown and I get to stay together for another transfer!!! Woooo!!! I AM SO SO SOOO HAPPY!! That will make her my longest compa :) Couldn't be happier. 

Everything is going great here!! This week has been a full one and we met loots and lots of people!!! The Vega family didn't come to church this week and we aren't really sure if they are super ready yet to keep on progressing, but we took Marta to the VC and we watched the Restoration with her and she really liked it!! She came to church as well annd Sister Brown and I are planning to set a Baptismal date with her for April 2nd this week!! 

Wednesday we had exchanges and I had Sister Ruepena here with me. We had a lesson with the Ucon Sister and their investigators. The husband speaks Spanish and the wife speaks English so they wanted us to come and talk with him to see if he was interested or not. I translated for them as they taught the Restoration.. woo.. no pressure or anything!!! He was a super sweet old man and he isn't interested, but he is a veeery faithful Catholic and looooves his parents like crazy. That night we exchanged back in Shelley and I dropped in to say hi to our covert family!!! They were soo soooo excited and I was soo glad that I got to say hi. <3

Sister Ruepena

Thursday we had Zone Training, and it was amaaazing. For our practice we had members from the Branch come in and we taught them about the Book of Mormon. The lady that we taught was actually someone that James and I met when I was at the VC and she got baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! 

Friday we had weekly planning and we got to see the Vegas as well as meet a new investigator!! His name is Sergio and he said we could come back Sunday (they weren't home buuuuut we have faith!!!).

Saturday was transfer calls and we were stressing over nothing. We are sooo happy to be staying together!! Saturday we went to the VC and Sunday we got to go to the Curtis's baby blessing and then teach part of Gospel Principles!! We had dinner with the Taylor family and we had the beeest pozole and taquitos of my liiife!!! Soo yummy. We shared the video of the Good Samaritan with them... Oh my gosh that video gets me every time. It is a good reminder/wake up call and makes you think about if you are passing anyone by throughout your day... Makes you keep your eyes open a little bit more! 

Anywaaay I love love loooove you alll!!


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