Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dec. 28, 2015

This week we just did lots of service and running around delivering Christmas goodies!! BUT.. we did get a good couple lessons (or Jesus talks) in!!!!! 

Christmas had a little bit of a Christmas miracle in it!! We went to our dinner and the son of this family came with his non member wife (turns out she has been to church the last 4 Sundays in a row...whaaaat??!) and we shared a message and she got all emotional.  One of the daughters let us know that she has really been opening up to the church and that it would be good for us to start working with her!!! Ahhh!!!!! It was da best!!!!

Then, Saturday we were really wanting to have a lesson with this 21 year old that we met last week. He is living with his mom and girlfriend and he is Atheist/Buddhist...? Because I guess it is possible to be both!! (He explained it actually is possible). Anyway, we couldn't find another female to come with us so we just showed up at his house, right as he was pulling up, (Heavenly Father lined that up perfectly!!) and we asked if he would like to meet with us at the Visitors Center and he said.. "Oh, right now?" Sister Brown and I looked at each other and said, "Well.... yeah!!". He shot back with, "Alright! Well, yeah sure lets go!!!".... Haaaahah what??? So we went and we talked to him for like 2 whole hours. It was amazing. He is soooo open to hearing about what we believe and he told us that he wants to work towards finding the truth, if our church truly has it, so he is totally willing to meet with us and work towards getting answers....... THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides that we got together with our Zone both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We played this game called Bubble Talk... which by the way would be so dangerously hilarious in the presence of a Hale family get together... It is just like apples to apples, but without a word that is given for people to relate their cards to...its a random picture. It was absolutely fantastic. We were all laughing sooo hard!!!! We watched the Polar Express annnnnd then Christmas day we did white Elephant gift exchange and played murder in the dark!

So pretty much this Christmas has been one of the BEST yet. :) 

Get pictures of all the family fun!!!!!!!!! Give them all hugs from me!!!!! 

Love love love you all!!!!!!! 

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