Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dec. 14, 2015...Transfer Week!

December 14, 2015, 10:43 AM
Hello hello hellloooo!!!!!! :) 

   THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!! David is doing awesome :) We had a lesson with him Tuesday and Thursday. We taught him the Restoration on Tue. and he loved it. His older Sister and Brother sat in (oh my gosh I love all of them sooooo much!!! They are such a good family and they are all so funny!!!!!). Thursday we taught him a lesson on the importance of the book of Mormon and we went through the intro with him and invited him to start reading 1 Nephi :) He was so funny because we had asked him to read through the restoration pamphlet before we came back and he started going through the whole thing telling us what he learned!! It was AWESOME!!! Half way through our lesson on Thursday his parents came home and we all got side tracked and started talking with them and after 10 minutes David was all, "umm excuse me! When are we going to get back to the lesson???" It was the best!!!!! We still need to get them to come to church though!! David really wants to come but he's 9 sooo he cant get there by himself!! We may just offer to find him a ride and see if that can get the parents to come ;) 

   Well, there has been lots lots going on!  I will no longer have Sister Honeycutt with me (starting Wednesday) :( She is going to American Falls to be with Wilemon for her last two weeks and I will be getting Sister Brown, which I am SUUUUPER excited about. She is the BOMB!!! I was hoping I would get the chance to serve with her!! (Although this will be her first time being an STL sooo I will have to train her on it annnnd I still dont know what I am doing hahah :) Sooo yes.. Friday and Saturday annnd tomorrow will be big packing days!! Wooooo

Yay yay yaaaaayyyyy! Yay for the last week of "shewel" (said in Mega Mind accent). We do get free time!! :) On Christmas Eve we have free time from 6-9pm and then Christmas is a full pday!!!!! :) Same with new years eve and New Years!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if the Hunts have said anything, but we are going to be at their place on Christmas to call you!!! :) I cant wait!!!! 

   This week felt like we did toooons.. but it went by sooo quick!!! 

Tue we had our lesson with David, which was the highlight, but we also were able to finally visit the Fernandez family. They aren't too interested in the church, they have a lot of family who are already members, but they are sooo kind :) We shared a scripture with them and then they shared their Tamales with us!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!! They were amaaazing!!!!

Wed we had Zone Training. Zone training is pretty much where the Zone Leaders and Sister training leaders bring the information we talked about in MLC to the rest of the missionaries sooo that means the ZL's and STL's have to give training's. We were training on caridad.. or Charity :) It went really well!!

Thur... Weekly Planning day... wooooooooowwwwah... Then we had a lesson with Daniel annnd then we had a lesson with a LA family with an OAY. The Seavers. :) They are amaazing and toootally remind me of Jared and Lydia because of how she is (soooo artsy and amazing at it) and the husband is just a crack up and always has a joke to tell :) 

Friday we were all stressin out and waiting for calls.... after we got them it turned into a packing and running around to see people day.

Saturday we had exchanges and I went with Sister Gilbert. We met the most hilarious people. That morning for workouts Sister Stephens (they are living with another companionship) taught us the Hula and then early that morning we had a ward Christmas party. They had your paper straws you always get!! Totally reminded me of home :) OH YEAH! Also, at one of the investigators houses they had on the Navy fb game and totally got to see the guy from meet the mormons!!!! 

Sunday wasss looots of church annnnd lots of people wanting to feed us... forgot to say this part! They are taking our three English wards away so we will be completely Spanish... soooo everyone was trying to claim us for Tuesday night dinner..... pretty much we will be having like 2 dinners and 2 deserts to go to hahah :) Last night we had one of the most amazing lessons with a family. They have 4 boys all under the age of 10 and all of them have some form of Aspergers. She feels like she has never gotten an answer from Heavenly Father and she has been struggling with church. We taught her the plan of Salvation and it was like a flood light turned on within her. All she needed was some understanding and clarifications!!!! She had grown up in the church but not in a super supportive family and simply, she just didn't understand everything!!!!! The spirit was soooooo strong as we were explaining the atonement and what is going to happen to us after this like. It was like watching dots be connected. By the end of it, she was bawling. Then everyone was bawling!!! We are going to see if we can get permission to teach her because now that she is getting it, its just like one more thing is being ripped away... ahhh!!! Its so hard but so exciting!!!! I have learned so so soooooo much from her.

My ponderize scripture was 2 Cor 12: 9-10 and it kind of went along with a lot of what we were talking about with her. They are so empowering annnnd this one Mormon Message just screams out everything that these scriptures mean. Through the Atonement we can do things that we could never have imagined for ourselves. Through Christ we can do all things!!! In Him, our "strengths are made perfect in our weakness". That is probably my favorite part of those scriptures. We HAVE TO HAVE weakness, infirmities, trials, tests, burdens, hardships, loneliness, pain, sadness, hopelessness.. its a part of this life!!! But in every single one of those things, we can grow stronger and even perfect those weaknesses into strengths. LOVE IT!!!!!! So yay for our trials!!!!! :) They make us better and ultimately help us grow into what our Heavenly Father knows we can become.   (The Refiners Fire - Video on

   Anyways!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!

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