Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct. 19, 2015 ...Wait, What?! You are where?

October 19, 2015, 11:21 AM
     Okay sooooooo number one... I am no longer in Jackson Hole!!! Back to the Visitor Center  in Idaho Falls!!!! There were a tooon of sisters who went home and President literally had to close two areas entirely because he doesn't have enough missionaries. 

The following account is about the events that occurred last Monday:
6:45 (Sister Tyler and Cole are standing outside the door of a part member family. They have a member with them who is giving them the deets when the phone begins to ring... Sister Cole answers..) "Hello this is Sister Cole!"
     "Hello Sister Cole, this is Sister Walker. (Sister Walker is our Housing Coordinator) So how are you sisters doing? How is everything going?"
".... Its going great!"
     "Good, good. Okay so Elder Walker and I will be over to your place about 12:00 to start moving the big stuff out, alright?"
"... umm" (Mind racing trying to scan through my jumble of memories... soo what?? We definitely don't have an inspection or anything!! What is she talking about???)
     "Wait did you get a call from President??"
"Nooo? I don't think so!" (Already beginning to wonder what the heck?!?). 
     "Ohhh. Act surprised!!!!! You are both leaving the area."..

Soooo yeah. We didn't get a call from President until 9 that night and he gave us the low down. Tyler would be going to Rigby (with VARGAS) and I would be going to the VC to join Sister James as an STL......... This whole week has been a blur. We were out by 8:00 Wednesday morning, heading to Idaho Falls to meet up with everyone else. AHH!!! Pretty much half of the mission got ET'd. There has been tons of people going home... :/ Super sad.

 Buuuut apart from all of THAAAT... Elder Oaks was here just visiting! So they asked him to speak in our 2nd ward. No conference. Just you know, one of the Apostles chillin in Jackson for the weekend! Hahah, after the meeting he came right up to us, "Oh our missionaries!! How great to see you. Aren't you sisters just gorgeous! How is the work going for you?...etc." It honestly was just like talking to someone else in your ward, maybe the Stake President. Suuper funny and so easy going. Crazy!! 

It has been so weird to be back. I felt like someone who had come back from the dead. (I felt a little embarrassed about it!) I walked into the VC and Sister Salmanez and Pulido came running to give me hugs and the Senior couples were soooo happy. They kept saying this was an answer to prayers and they were so glad I got to finish a whole transfer! Sunday was crazy too and I got to see some members that I super missed. One of them, Jackie, about jumped out of her seat even though the meeting was started and ran over hahah. She is awesome :) Annnd theennn I got to see some past investigators!! Ahhh!! Its so crazy and good and weird but fantastic to be back!!!!!! <3 

     Anyways! Aw hahah your FHE conversation sounds awesome :) I pretty much got the same out of the first two verses like you did. That we glory in our tribulations because we can see the bigger picture and as we work through them in patience we can take them as they are, experiences. I also was kind of stumped on the hope maketh not ashamed part of verse 5. I looked up psalms 119:116 (footnote) And it says "Uphold me according unto they word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope". It made me think more along the lines of how others can look at us and see our hope and faith and look at it as nothing or a weakness. But we cant be ashamed of that. We cant be ashamed of following the commandments or living the Gospel. We know what blessing await us and it isn't some silly hope or belief. Hope maketh not ashamed. And we know God will support us in those hard times because of His love for us and because of the Gift of the Holy Ghost we are promised.... I don't know.  A little random! ..... This weeks!!!! Philippians 1:27!!

LOVE YOOOUUUUU ALLLLLZZZ!!!! (mom I will reply to your other 10 questions... hopefully in a letter!!!!)

Hugs and kisses!!!!!'

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