Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oct. 12, 2015


 This one cant wait................... WE SHOOK ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS's HAND LIKE 5 TIMES ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He spoke in our ward!!! Crazy!!

The ward is picking up a little bit! We are getting to know more people and it looks like the Bishops are taking some steps for the member missionary work push!! YAY!!! 

Jose has yet to get his answer... and yet to meet with us!!! He bailed last week... laaaame!!! But!! Last night we met two people who we set return appointments with and they seem way open!!! One of them we went with the intention of seeing someone else and he walked out of the apartments instead. We asked if he could let Rosalio know we were there and he came back saying "He said he was going to get in the shower or something... sorry...... But if you guys can, I am cool to talk with you. I am here Friday afternoons."...... We pretty much just fell over on the spot. 

Then we went to see someone else we found in the teaching records and they had moved and a new hispanic family had come in and we are seeing them Sunday!!! WOOO!!!

Okay!! This weeks scriptaaah is Romans 5:3-5!!! 

And thoughts on the last weeks: I was kinda going with the whole just be prepared to share what you know at any moment to those who ask. We are different and people see that and they see the hope and happiness that we emanate. I was looking at the footnotes too and on "an" the footnote is "a defense". I thought that was cool too. Its not just a testimony we share but its defending what we believe. That seems a little harder, especially in all the diverse ways and situations it could be needed for us to stand up and fight for whats right. 

Just yesterday I started to pay more attention to the word "sanctify". I really had been overlooking that part. In the TG the first synonym is Consecrate and it made me think back to a meeting we had where an Elder was giving a training on why we Consecrate ourselves to the Lord. He asked the question, "Why is oil Consecrated before we use it?" Everyone realized they hadn't thought about that one before. He said, "It's consecrated so it can be in its purest form. It can then be used as a conductor that Heavenly Father can work through. The same goes for us. If we aren't consecrating ourselves, we are not in a state that Heavenly Father can use us to work through". If we aren't giving ourselves to Heavenly Father or keeping ourselves in check, how can we expect him to be able to work through us to get to our friends and His children. We first have to be worthy, then ready, to share what Heavenly Father directs with those who are coming towards our light.

I love love love you all!!!!! Have a fantastic weeek!!! 
<3 Hugs and kisses!!!!

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