Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sept. 1, 2015... ( we did get an email this week after all!!!)

Okay 8 days is way too long not to email!! Seemed like foreeever!!!

Hey! We had the BIGGEST thunder storm I have ever seeen everrr!! I think it might have been
 on Saturday though :) It was sooo cool!!! I got some cool videos :) The lightning was just spreading out all over the sky every time it struck!!!  

Our week was a full one and this week will be even more so!! We had our Zone Conference on Tuesday and it was awesome. Sister Hancock gave the cutest training on manners and I helped her out by drawing pictures for her :) I had to draw a fly hahaha. It was obvious that it was their first Zone Conference but at the beginning President started off with telling how when he is working on the farm many things go wrong. Like the cows getting out, fences breaking, tractors breaking etc. But, how no matter what, you just deal with it and go on. He related it to our Zone Conference and how he had no idea how it would go, but we were just going to deal with it- hahaha. It was awesome for missionary work and life too. Its true! Cows get out in our life and fences break when we aren't expecting it,  but we just deal with it and keep going forward. Its going to be tough, painful, annoying, inconvenient. But we can't do anything about it but do what we are supposed to do and move forward. I loved it :)

Thursday... WE RESCUED SOME KITTIES!!! Hahaha! We went to go see a house that was referred to us by the English sisters in Firth. When we got to the trailer and knocked on the door I heard this meowing... like little meows! Then these two kids ran around the corner with 4 little kittens in their arms. They said they got home from school and they were just on their porch! They told us one had fell in between the porch (steps) and the trailer, but "he stopped meowing so he's okay!". I freaked... and then I bent down and was trying to see past the dirt and carpet but the crack was so tiny! The kitten was meowing like crazy though!! I stuck one of my fingers down and immediately these tiny little paws were grabbing at them. I tried pulling back the carpet as far as I could and there was a little wider spot in the corner so I chopstick-ed one of its paws with my fingers and then I slid it to the corner and pulled it out! hahahha!!

They were so little and a lot of them had goobers in their eyes so obviously they were sickers. The kids said they needed to go to the vet and then they gave us a box to take them in!  We ended up taking them to one of the members in the branch who we were having dinner with that night. They are an awesome family. Sister Shumway walked out and was all,  "OH! Oh my goodness. Okay. Okay. We are taking them. We can take them. We need to take them. Lets get a place set up and I will start warming up some milk. Oh! Oh they are so cute! OH... they need eye drops. I have some. Let me go get them!!"( Hahahha... She is Dana!!.... ) Then Brother Shumway walked out and took one look at them and then looked at us and said "... You hate me..". Hahahha it was the best!

 Anyway, this week we will have District meeting AND Zone Training... soooo many meetings. But it is awesome!!!! 

I love you all!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

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