Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug. 24, 2015

Hey mom! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!!!!!! I got the fattest and most amazing package of my liiiife!!!!! Seriously... the best. Sister Fermoso took a video because I was freaking out so much hahah :) 

... Things are going great with the comp, she is helping me out with my Spanish super super much!! And those life lessons come daily hahah. When I was coming to the field I remember thinking, "This isn't about me", and its not and its not that I have been focusing on "me" but it is amazing how much I have grown and learned from being out here. You do change so much without you realizing it. My goal was to just stay myself through it all though, and I feel I have been doing well at that. I didn't want to put on that missionary mask or anything and become a robot. Too many people try and change themselves and be something that they are not, then when they go home they have this identity crisis and all of the stuff they learned doesn't help them when they are trying to figure themselves out again. I am just really grateful for being able to stay "Charlie" but grow spiritually still... I don't know -it makes sense in my head, hopefully you get what I am trying to say haha. 

Okay, so this week was kind of all over the place, just lots of random stuff, but next week is going to be awesome!! We have zone conference coming up on Tuesday (we have to go to Pocatello because we are part of the Blackfoot zone, which is a little ridiculous because the other zone conference is in Idaho Falls which is  only 15 minutes away vs. 45, but oh well!! I will get to see Vargas so I am super excited!!!). The following week on the 31st we have Elder Martino coming to our mission!!!! Woo!!! Buuuuut, thats our Pday, so I am not sure what is happening with that yet. I  don't know if we will be able to email. If you dont get one, thats why. 

Then September 19th (I know its kind of farther off) is Spud Day...... yeah you heard me right.... Spud Day. Its just a Shelley thing... basically a huge day of Potatoes... free potatoes... giant potatoes.. potato sack races.. and a potato tug over a huge pit of mashed potatoes... yeah we are excited!! And there is also a Color run that morning which we will be running in!!!! WOOOO!!! I think we end and then the parade starts.... Anyway its going to be awesome!!!

Anyway!! I love you all!!! I miss you!!! Have fun these next last days of Summer 2015!! Woo!!
Hugs and kisses,

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